Ousmane Kane Jr. from Mali, Africa now living in Southern California, DBA O&S Imports.

Known for working with Teodoro Nguema Obiang as a personal assistant, then fired for trying to get over on his boss, clients, and whomever by selling meetings for cash. Subsequent termination Ousmane was Selling Counterfeit purses on Venice Beach with his wife until they were busted by the feds.

His wife was deported and while Mr. Ousmane Kane owns a 2013 H2 hummer and 2013 Porsche, travels frequently, while he really should be investigated for Welfare fraud. Mr. Ousmane Kane also calls himself a merchant. He has a history for taking money, identity theft, along with bribing people to write letters for his friends to to get a Visa in the United States. He is a soft spoken serial liar who’s craft is strictly about the money and chasing hookers while hiding out at his Girlfriend’s house whom is wanted for questioning by the FBI for Money Laundering for financing a movie with cash where the origin of the funds are from Drug money. My advise to all parties in dealing with Mr. Ousmane Kane Jr is to always keep both eyes, ears, cameras rolling so that you can rewind some of the events or encounters.

Ousmane is the type of person that will make a pass at your woman, while your head is turned, engage in separatism while trying to get laid while his disposition would be plausible deniability. He is most certainly the person that cannot be trusted as if you give him the chance, he will take use you and if you allow him he will empty your pockets and blame you for his failure. With individuals like him, I am convinced that you should always beware of his convincing persona. He is amazingly gifted at fabrication however, truth will always outshine the cover stories as he writes them. Blaming others and ripping them off is his Modus Operandi.