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    Push Money App is a scam

    Please beware of the Push Money App, this binary options auto trader is going viral and is definitely a scam. http://www.betoroption.com/push-money-app-scam/

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    Re: Push Money App is a scam

    What does it do trades with artificial intelligence or something? Why is it a scam?

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    Re: Push Money App is a scam

    One of the first things you may notice about the sales page is that it is not open to general public. It is available only to a select few who have been given the URL to the private invite page. Most of the other systems open their sales page to the general public as soon as possible to get as many unsuspecting buyers as quickly as possible. However, only a select few have been given access to the Push Money app private invite URL.
    The video starts with Dennis Moreland showing the account of a new user who has just signed up. He refreshes the account twice and the account balance moves from a just above $5000 to more than $11,000 within a few seconds. There is no mention or pictures of fast cars, costly houses, boats or any other opulent signs of wealth that have become so common with these sales videos. In fact, the video starts with video testimonials from successful users.

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