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    To the Admin and Moderators

    I am opening this thread because i have tried to use the contact us link on the forums or to email scambuster but both things don't seem to work (hey scambuster! clean up your inbox ;) )We are going to launch a forum where to discuss about preventive protection against Intenet scam and fraud and where to post email scam and phishing emails. In no ways it will be allowed to discuss about specific websites or businesses like it happens here at scam.com, and the forums will be pro-actively moderated and pruned whenever the forums rules were broken. It will a place where simply discuss of how technically recognize a scam in advance, focusing on generic Tos, how to sniff scams on ebay, how to recognize a phishing email or a spoofed website etc. I would like to let scam.com users know about that and therefore i am asking if we are allowed to advertise it here and there with a link to our forums or opening a specific announcement thread or whatever. It would be our intention also to redirect our users to scam.com whenever they felt like discussing specifically about websites, businesses etc.
    I would be greatful if someone from scam.com could let me know, if this can be done and in which terms.
    I apologize for the intrusion and i wish you all a great night!

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    Re: To the Admin and Moderators

    Uhm...can anybody help with this? What is the policy? Thanks.

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    Re: To the Admin and Moderators

    What do you mean you are going to start a forum yourself pm me details :cool:

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    Re: To the Admin and Moderators

    Yeah well, report on this devil Nigerian scammer:

    Armstrong Palmer
    1114 Arinola Way
    OKF Lantoro Hefokuta
    Alu(??) State.

    Postmarked Nigeria.

    This scam promoting bastard sent someone an $18,000 check and asked her to cash it and wire someone 12K.
    Yah, guess he didn't know he was messing with us! We spoke to the bank and they determined the account number did not exist and the check therefore fraudulent!
    This demonic scamming filth has now been reported to the bank, Secret Service and we are going to contact the authorities in his country.

    Armstrong Palmer (if that's his real name) got caught.
    Armstrong Palmer is a demon soul.
    Armstrong Palmer shall burn in hell.
    Another one bites the dust! Yeah!

    See, when it comes to real scams I will decimate the perpetrators and bust them! :cool: :cool:

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    Re: To the Admin and Moderators

    testing 123

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