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    Is Ameriprise Financial has great career opps FRAUD??

    HELP I keep getting what look like scam e-mails ... I am scared to reply to any of them now because I can't tell if they are real or just more fake scams! :confused: :mad: :eek:

    From: [email protected]
    To: E-mail @aol.com
    Subject: Ameriprise Financial has great career opps!!
    Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005 13:27:17 -0800

    I've got your resume here in front of me and I wanted to speak with you to see if youd be interested in learning more about career opportunities with
    Ameriprise Financial, the next generation of American Express Financial

    Weve found that people from a wide variety of backgrounds can be successful as financial advisors, even if they havent previously worked in the financial industry. We have a strong, worldwide brand and an industry-leading training program that can help a variety of different people with strong interpersonal skills to excel in this career, and earn a significant and above-average income.

    Recently, Fast Company magazine named financial advisor as its number one career choice for 2005 based on factors like potential income, job growth etc. If you want to speak about the job and how it might fit with your career goals, please call me at 323-692-2509 or toll-free at 800-916-9875 x2509 or e-mail with a convenient time to talk and well call you then. I'm usually in between 9am and 6pm Monday through Friday (Pacific Time), but you can leave me a message anytime and I'll call you back ASAP!

    Thanks in advance,

    Valerie Bloom
    Ameriprise Financial
    800-916-9875 x2509

    P.S. We have a number of positions available, so if you know anyone else who you think might be interested in this opportunity, feel free to forward this message to them.


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    Re: Is Ameriprise Financial has great career opps FRAUD??

    There is an Ameriprise that just was branched off from American Express. Its hard to tell from this email whether that is the real sender or not. I'd reccommend goggling it.
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    Re: Is Ameriprise Financial has great career opps FRAUD??

    You're right on this one, Ysne58. Highly suspicious imho too.

    Their real site is www.ameriprise.com
    In the careers section this ameriprisejobs.com is totally absent

    ameriprisejobs.com is on server of HUNTERADVISORS.COM, whose website is down.

    Best first make an inquiry here
    How to Contact Ameriprise Financial about Fraudulent E-Mails
    If you receive an e-mail that you believe could be fraudulent, immediately forward it to [email protected]. Please do not remove the original subject line, or change the email in any way when you forward it to us
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    Re: Is Ameriprise Financial has great career opps FRAUD??

    Ok I just looked up ameriprise and as I suspected this is probably fraud. Their web is ameriprise.com. This one is ameriprisejobs.com. Its made to look the genuine article, but its not.
    I might also add that Ameriprise is headquartered (at least it was) in the Twin Cities and that area code isn't a Twin Cities area code.

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    Re: Is Ameriprise Financial has great career opps FRAUD??

    This COULD be perfectly legit. In fact, this is how Insurance/Financial advisor companies look for people to recruit. Ameriprise is a new name of an AMEX division. I know lots of people who earn nice legit incomes in this field.

    However, the industry does have an image problem in their recruitment tactics. One of the worse offenders is the new Citi-group. While they ARE legit, they have a very high pressure method of recruiting because their business model resembles an MLM. Agents make more money by recruiting other agents - they get a % of their new recruits income. And, of course, if you sell Citi-group products, you OUGHT to be using them, right? So, their biggest customers are their own agents. Again, the field is legit. I know a guy who earned $250k+/year but did it mainly by recruiting and not actually selling their services. He tried recruiting me!

    Unforntuneatly, we get emails from other Ins/Fin companies that I never heard of. So, if these big legit companies want to recruit using methods that looks like scam then they have to suffer the consequences. A diamond in the rough is still a rock in the mud.

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    Re: Is Ameriprise Financial has great career opps FRAUD??

    Ameriprise is not an amex division. Its a separate company that was at one point an amex division.

    They have there own website and its not ameriprise.jobs. This is a scam trying to mimic the genuine company.

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    Re: Is Ameriprise Financial has great career opps FRAUD??

    It even fooled me! Thanks for the reality update,

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    Re: Is Ameriprise Financial has great career opps FRAUD??

    Yeah its so easy to get fooled by these thieves. The only reason I know about ameriprise is because I grew up in the twin cities and I tend to follow local business stories.

    After seeing the email, I googled it and found the real website. I then tried going to ameriprisejobs.com and couldn't load it. Klaas' post explains why it probably didn't load if you want to look at his post.

    One good clue when looking at these is look at the email adress its coming from. If its not a straight company name.com url its probably not legit. If you are looking at a nonprofit the url would likely end in company name.net or .org.

    If they don't have their own domain name they probably aren't real.

    As far as charities to, if they aren't registered with the right state agency as a charitable organization, they aren't real either. All states have web sites. To find your state google your state name and it should be one of the first 4 or 5 entries.
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    Ameriprise is NOT a FRAUD......believe me....they are legit !!!

    This company is not a scam. I got the same e-mail and was contacted by an Ameriprise Recruiter at the corporate office in Los Angeles. There is an office here where I live and I had an interview with a real person in a real office which was once American Express Financial Advisors and is now Ameriprise Financial.. Also, they have commercial which appears on TV-for real..I am not kidding...I saw it on TV. Ameriprise used to be American Express Financial Advisors. They are a new company which just started on October 3, 2005. They trade under the symbol AMP on the New York Stock Exchange and they are a Financial Advising Company which requires their advisors to take the Series 7 and 66 Examinations as well as the Life and Health Insurance exams for the state they are in. They are legitimate...just call the number and you will find out. Good luck.....

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    Re: Is Ameriprise Financial has great career opps FRAUD??

    I don't think it's a scam, either. More likely, it's just really aggressive recruiting.

    I got an email from these people when they were American Express Financial Advisors. Upon reading about them online (before going to the information session), I discovered that they gave most people the same types of financial plans, regardless of their needs, and that there were a lot of people out there who really didn't like American Express Financial Advisors, or who felt that AMEX Financial Advisors had scammed them out of funds. I recall some lawsuits against them, as well, but I could be wrong.

    They changed their name to Ameriprise -- I think -- because of the negative image American Express Financial Advisors had.

    In my opinion, they are still dragging a really wide net to look for people. They emailed me -- a person who has no experience in the financial industry at all.

    I think you have to pay for all of your testing/licenses, and they give you near-to-minimum wage until you get all of your licenses.

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    Re: Is Ameriprise Financial has great career opps FRAUD??

    Ameriprise Financial Services is NOT a scam. They are a legit company, and I have been working for them for five months now. Just reply to the email or call the # listed in the email. Who knows, this could be a great career for you too :-)

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    Re: Is Ameriprise Financial has great career opps FRAUD??

    I got the same email. i was happy when they said i had a dynamic background. Anyway, i found out about the job position. you have to pay money for materials and tools. Some i know said they had to pay 1,500.00 deposit n u get it back when ur done with training. yes u need to get a liscence n open ur own office somewhere. Heres a link http://www.ameriprise.com/amp/global/sitelets/ear/faq.asp
    1st link questions n answers.
    heres the link within the company on being a financial advisor

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    Re: Is Ameriprise Financial has great career opps FRAUD??

    I went and interviewed with them and failed a math test, from the looks of their office if they are a fraud they are a highly financed one. They had a multi room office suite, at least 30 computers, (about 15 were for testing people) etc.

    Hope it helps

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    Re: Is Ameriprise Financial has great career opps FRAUD??

    I just got an e mail also. And I had not even thought about checking here until I really really told myself I should. Now days things look really legit and they end up being NOT.
    I guess it's not the opportunity I was hopping for. I was hopping for a job. This looks like more of a recruiting and some sort of selling involved. And I am good at neither (nor am I interested).
    Thanks for the info.

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    Re: Is Ameriprise Financial has great career opps

    I was recently contacted by Ameriprise Financial because they found my resume online. They invited me to come in for an interview for a position as Financial Advisor. I have some accounting experience listed on my resume so I didn't think anything of it and jumped at the chance for an interview. However, before he got off the phone with me, he advised me to prepare for at least an hour for a presentation; as soon as I heard this, I became a little skeptical.
    I went in anyway, and as I got there, there were about 10 other people dressed very professionally waiting to be interviewed. We were then escorted into the conference room and given the presentation by a twenty-something energetic girl. She was describing the earning potential of working with the company and told us in order to be hired, we would have to be licensed first. She said that we would have to pay $1500, out of pocket, for the licensing and if we passed the test, then we "may" be offered a position as a financial advisor and would be refunded the $1500. At that point, we would be in training for 10 weeks and make $6.60 and hour. After that period we would make like $23k plus commissions and bonuses. She said that the amount of money we could make is limitless. Anyway, despite my better judgment, because I don't think you should ever have to pay money to get a job, I stuck around for the testing and interview. I guess I was kind of on the fence as to whether it was a scam or not. I could kind of see where they were coming from, if they fronted you the $1500 for the licensing and you didn't pass, they couldn't use you as a financial advisor without a license. However, the same theory applies, if you pay $1500 out of pocket and don't pass, you're out of $1500 and a job. I don't have $1500; that is why I'm looking for a job in the first place. I know that I am intelligent enough to pass the licensing test and my resume is quite impressive; therefore, I think if they were legitimate and impressed with my qualifications, they would've fronted the money themselves. Therefore, although I am still a little undecided, it is my gut feeling this is a type of recruiting scam.

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    Re: Is Ameriprise Financial has great career opps

    Your remark to your posting is un-sufficiant and ignorant. I have attended Ameriprise Financial career presentations and found it was very useful information about the company. In order to receive your license at any financial company you need to pay for them. What I found out about Ameriprise Financial, they reinburse you for all your licenses. And their base salary was not $6.60 an hour. Their base salary was $33,000 a year plus commission and bonuses. If you do the math retard! It does not add up to $6.00 an hour. In order to start a career such as in Real Estate for example you need to invest into licenses. What is the difference with Ameriprise Financial? With most financial companies you will only receive commission base only. Ameriprise offers a base salary, commission, bonuses, full benefits on the first day you start, stock options and a pension plan as an employee. Now where is the scam in that?
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