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    WARNING: Illegal Z Visas being used to sponsor China foreign ESL & TEFL teachers - SCAM!

    Spread the word to all your foreign english teacher friends that their Z visa may be illegal if it did not come from their own employer. Here is the fraud alert put out by China Scam Patrol:

    "The Public Security Bureau of China is now cracking down on a large scale on foreign teachers using illegal Z visas and 132 of them were arrested in the last 27 days alone. It looks like they plan to meet their New Year's pledge to deport 3,000 illegal foreign teachers this year. What is an illegal Z visa?

    It is a visa sponsored by a third party and not your actual employer. So if you look at your invitation letter and it does not match the legal name on your contract or the schools website or their SAIC business license, you have been bamboozled and are at risk of being arrested and deported. Granted there is a 50% you will not get caught. But do you want to risk a felony conviction on basically a coin toss?

    A China job agent named Guo Bin was just recently arrested in Beijing and the PSB is going through his hard drive and cell phone records as you read these words. If you got your visa through him or any other shady broker or unregistered black agent who charged you a fee to get a job or visa in China, CHECK YOUR INVITATION LETTER NOW, and voluntarily leave China before you get caught, or demand that your employer get you a new Z visa in THEIR name. If they refuse, check with SAFEA in your Province if your employer is even allowed to hire foreigners.

    This is now the biggest scam target foreign English teachers in China and it is one of the best kept secrets. Please warn your colleagues."

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    Re: WARNING: Illegal Z Visas being used to sponsor China foreign ESL & TEFL teachers - SCA

    Seriously, why the hell would anyone want to work in China where the air pollution is toxic and you get scammed at least once a month?

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    Re: WARNING: Illegal Z Visas being used to sponsor China foreign ESL & TEFL teachers - SCA

    Anybody hear of Career China? TAL group or First Leap School?

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