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    Referralware..what's it all about?

    Sounds to good to be true. Does anybody know about making multiple
    streams of incom thru an automated system?

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    Re: Referralware..what's it all about?

    I tried it, but didn't put too much effort into it for a few reasons. But I had 3600 people on my one leg in 1.67/day. The free store one was growing pretty good too. But a person has to sponser a few people themselves and then the computer will automatically enroll people onto the weaker leg. I am pretty sure that it all depends on if people are buying things through the store to make some money, but I forget what the 1.67/day thing was. It didn't take long to grow. I probably should have stuck with it. I may have been making an income by now. Not sure. maybe someone else will post with somone numbers to verify all of it. It has been a year or two now since I was in it

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    Re: Referralware..what's it all about?

    Automation is good but make sure you pick up the phone and speak with your prospects. Build a relationship. You will generate more sales/enrollments this way.

    Haywood DeJarnette

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    Re: Referralware..what's it all about?

    I just signed up with Referralware and I too am not sure how the whole thing works or whether it's just another scam.

    If anyone has any information on this, Please HELP!!!

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    Re: Referralware..what's it all about?

    Referralware is a powerful system. Many people have misused or even abused the word 'scam'. Once they can't make a few thousands in a few short months, without a second careful thought they named it 'scam'.

    Funny thing is... even after they got back the money they have paid initially, they still called it 'scam'.

    A scam is a fraud. They won't refund you a single cent if they are out to scam you. Make sense?

    Now, many a times members who are promoting their turnkey business are not so honest, and tend to mislead their downlines that making money is easy with that system and so on... they sound it too easy just because they want people to join them.

    They are in the wrong approach because eventually if their downlines were to discover the SHOCKING TRUTH, they will lose all the credibility.

    So don't believe that. A good sponsor will not tell you those untrue things.

    Building a business online takes no less work and time than building a business offline. The major difference is you can always start off a turnkey business online at an affordable price. It costs you a bomb to run even a small offline business.

    I personally have sponsored members into my Referralware team, they love my style just because I'm simple with them -- no hype but offer them invaluable tips and info about Referralware.

    Contact your sponsor, shoot them questions and get them to guide you along.

    -- Log in to your Referralware members area
    -- Then click on "getting help" at the top right
    -- On the page, click on the "Your sponsor" link on the left

    If your sponsor can't be bothered with your query and enthusiasm, look for another sponsor.

    Having misled or dissatisfied with their sponsors, many people quit the entire Referralware business. It's the sponsor problem, not the problem of Referralware.

    So you should not quit easily, a quitter is never a winner. But it's always valid and reasonable to join a sponsor that's worth your participation, in that same Referralware community.
    Last edited by ewisely; 01-05-2006 at 07:38 PM.

    Follow the winner, and YOU will be the winner.

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    Re: Referralware..what's it all about?

    I looked at referralware. Apparently it is owned by matthew t. smith. He seems to be the only one making any money from the junk he is selling to others. His picture and quote are on the advertising page.
    Here are some links to his garbage for those of you sick and tired wasting your money - call or send him some info and let him know about it.

    For those of you idiots looking for a get rich quick scam how about I'll pray for all you morons to find wealth and it'll only cost you $100. You can be rich beyond your wildest dreams. Seriously, get a job, or provide a service that creates/adds value to society. Don't buy this worthless junk.

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    Re: Referralware..what's it all about?

    Quote Originally Posted by Barney
    I looked at referralware. Apparently it is owned by matthew t. smith.

    That's funny, I was told it was owned by Dean Strickland.
    And the name registered with the BBB is Kevin Wise.
    So, who exactly is the true owner of Referralware?

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    Re: Referralware..what's it all about?

    Quote Originally Posted by ewisely
    Referralware is a powerful system.

    Can you explain?
    A powerful system to do what exactly?
    Is it some kind of cleaning aid?

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    Re: Referralware..what's it all about?

    As long as there's any discrepancy/suspicion, that's a sign to move on...

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    Re: Referralware..what's it all about?

    quoted below is the current whois info for Referralware.com found at "Networksolutions.com"

    Registrant: Make this info private
    26012 Marguerite Parkway, Suite H-237
    Mission Viejo, CA 92692


    Administrative Contact , Technical Contact :
    Strickler, Dean
    [email protected]
    26012 MARGUERITE PKWY # H237
    MISSION VIEJO, CA 92692-3263
    Phone: 949-455-9584
    Fax: 949-597-1926

    Record expires on 09-Dec-2008
    Record created on 09-Dec-2000
    Database last updated on 15-Dec-2005
    I came across an ad for Referralware at a pixel ad at "PixMeUp.com" page 7.
    PixMeUp is currently under discussion under the topic "Internet Scams" at the following thread
    Robert :cool:
    “Hence that general is skilful in attack whose opponent does not know what to defend; and he is skilful in defense whose opponent does not know what to attack.” SunTzu

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    Re: Referralware..what's it all about?

    testing 12345

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