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    Re: Learn to Speak Chinese....you WILL need it

    Quote Originally Posted by On A Mission
    and there is the answer to this mystery....dchrisite is not AMERICAN. I am a proud American and not worried what people think, period. You, obviously, are not from the USA. Go blow smoke up someone else's butt.

    So because you are a "Proud" American, read you blindly stumble after our fearless leader and live in Texas, and you disagree with what dchristie says he is therefore not American. That's brilliant.

    Im getting really sick and tired of being called unamerican, myself, for disagreeing with what's going on with American policy. It's actually the basis of democracy; you know the whole speaking you mind thing without prosecution and freedom of relegion. All that stuff they teach to elementary kids in school. Were you absent for that lesson? I pay taxes, I work, I raise my kids and try to teach them to be decent people just like anyone else. I AM AN AMERICAN, but I'm not a sheep.

    So go baaing to someone who shares your views if you can't take the heat here.

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    Re: Learn to Speak Chinese....you WILL need it

    Sorry, I have been out enjoying the holiday in good OL' Texas!!!! I can handle anyone's heat so do not worry about it. I agree with freedom of speech and democracy, absolutely. This thread was about China?? wasn't it. I would embrace any other culture that was not communist and trying to take over the world. I am sure we should just sit back and watch it happen. Ha.

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    Re: Learn to Speak Chinese....you WILL need it

    oh yes, and dchristie...your posts are sometimes conflicting...you should watch that....oh deranged one.

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    Re: Learn to Speak Chinese....you WILL need it

    The left has a tendency to become hysterical and vicious when they are disagreed with.

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