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    Respect for nature is becoming a lost lesson

    Although our hard core modernist conservative right-wing knee-jerk jerk-offs will almost certainly have negative 'ECO-NUT' comments about the following NewsPolitics OPINION by Chuck Raasch, his observations about development of the Gulf Coast region are very accurate.

    The estuaries, salt marshes and mangrove swamps of the region are nurseries for many creatures as well as natural storm barriers for the coast. Their presence is a critical component of the fresh water drainage systems for recycling of nutrients and deposition of silt to begin its metamorposis back into hard rock.

    MELANIE, Queen of Woodstock sang: "Don't you know you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone? They've paved paradise and put up a parking lot."


    Posted 10/27/2005 2:45 PM

    Respect for nature is becoming a lost lesson
    WASHINGTON Not long ago, while driving the back roads of Virginia, I passed a flatbed truck stacked half with hay, half with straw.
    When I rolled down the windows, the aroma of alfalfa and grain stalks wafted through my car. It may have passed as just another pleasant moment of life if not for the grander context of this year's natural disasters. As we have witnessed nature wreak terrible havoc on civilization over the last two months, we have confronted some hard truths of the post-agrarian age.

    How many Americans today know the difference between straw and hay? Less than one in 100, perhaps? Before you dismiss it as an arcane question, consider a broader one: How much of the natural world is dangerously foreign to people living in the world of high rises and strip malls? Has civilization moved so far from the natural world that it can't manage reasoned responses to the mega-disasters confronting us?

    For those who know straw and hay only as a pasta dish, here's the distinction learned on a small South Dakota farm: Cattle and other livestock eat hay and most often sleep on straw.

    Hay is usually cut alfalfa or another legume, or grass. Straw usually refers to stalks of harvested grain and is far less nutritional and appetizing than hay.

    When most Americans lived on farms, this was essential knowledge. Now, the distinction is known only to a dwindling few.

    With more and more of the world's billions packed into sprawling urban centers, humans are becoming so insulated from the natural world that they've lost an enduring understanding of and respect for nature's power. It's why complacency, fear and blame were the dominant emotions surrounding Hurricane Katrina. It's why there was so much shock and awe over what a single storm could do.

    Yet a dominant post-hurricane response has been a fresh hubris that offers taller levees and concrete homes as primary answers.

    These are not academic points, as anyone who lives closer to the land can tell you. Farmers never underestimate the power of tornadoes or floods or hail or drought. When the anthrax attacks came in the fall of 2001, the media treated it like a new terror creation, but the threat was old hat to farmers and ranchers.

    And now, as we are learning, the power of nature is not confined to episodic natural disasters like hurricanes Katrina or Wilma or the Pakistani earthquakes earlier this month that killed tens of thousands of people.

    Fifty years after we thought we'd turned a corner on pandemics with the polio vaccine, we confront freshly metastasizing disease threats like the avian flu. Health professionals now believe we could see a global pandemic that could kill millions.

    The bioshields of the 21st century can't protect everyone. The disquiet that such reality creates probably isn't that much different from what prehistoric humans felt as they huddled in fear of thunder and lightning and other natural events they didn't understand.

    So far, the debate over rebuilding New Orleans has focused primarily on cost, engineering and the need to incorporate all voices, including the poor and working poor, into the social fabric that emerges from the flood. But the discussion ignores the biggest voice of all: nature's.

    The Gulf Coast region, which includes the Big Easy, is supposed to be a natural sponge for tidal shifts and raging storms. But that sponge has been trimmed, confined and hardened over the last century to satisfy urban needs and human fascination with life near the water.

    If building higher levees becomes the primary solution for the monster storms of the future, an ever-distant natural world will exact even higher prices for our ignorance.

    Copyright 2005 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Co. Inc.

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    Re: Respect for nature is becoming a lost lesson


    I think the lesson about nature is really a suicide pack with stupidity, and arrogance.
    Pride ALWAYS gets you in the end, and the human race is going to learn that lesson that hard way, and forever. Just watch what happens, you will be amazed.


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    tommywho70x Guest

    Re: Respect for nature is becoming a lost lesson

    Quote Originally Posted by DeeDee1965

    I think the lesson about nature is really a suicide pack with stupidity, and arrogance.
    Pride ALWAYS gets you in the end, and the human race is going to learn that lesson that hard way, and forever. Just watch what happens, you will be amazed.

    There's very little that this planet can potentially do that would amaze me.
    I have seen the aftermath of tornados, dust storms, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, mudslides, 50 foot waves and volcanic eruptions up close and quite a few of those incredible phenomena while they were happening.

    I am also intimately familiar with the destructive power of biological, chemical and nuclear agents applied as weapons.

    At this stage in my life it will take a landing by the Mother Ship and the Lord God YHVH showing up with His entourage to really amaze me; anything less and all you will hear me saying is "I told you so".

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