From: Sir. Kalvin Leo
Sent: Monday, February 15, 2016 12:31 PM
Subject: Re: Loan Update

Thanks for your swift and positive response towards this transaction. Below are the details to make the payment of $400 via MONEY GRAM only.

Receiver's Name: Teboho Vitalis Maduna

Country: South Africa

City: Johannesburg

Address: 12 Katherine Street, Kramervile, Johannesburg, 2090 South Africa.

Text Question: Who is Great ?

Text Answer: God

Note that you are to send me the scanned copy of the payment slip as soon as the payment is done or send me the details of payment such as the Reference#, sender's name, text question and answer (If Changed) and amount sent and sender's country.

I have already informed my bank to get ready for the transfer as soon as the payment is confirmed. I will await the details of payment soonest.

Sir. Kalvin Leo

Sir. Kalvin Leo <>
Sent: Saturday, February 13, 2016 1:11 AM
Subject: Re: Loan Re-payment Plan


Thanks for your urgent reply, below are the loan repayment plan.

Loan Amount: $200,000.00
Loan Interest Rate: 3%
Loan Term: 4 years
Monthly Loan Payment: $4,426.87
Number of Payments: 48
Total Interest Paid: $12,489.53

Note: The monthly loan payment was calculated at 47 payments of $4,426.87 plus a final payment of $4,426.64 and the monthly payments will start on the 6th month after you have receive the loan in your bank account.

I need you to send me your bank details and a scanned copy of your valid identity card so that we proceed to the next stage to REGISTER the loan for immediate transfer to your account. I will await your reply with the account details and ID card.

Sir. Kalvin Leo