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    Global mandatory vaccination v abortion, euthanasia and extermination camps

    Abortion vs "Euthanasia"
    The termination of elderly and sick in care homes and hospitals: Unlike for abortion, that started decades earlier, there's still not a word in the dictionary for the second ongoing type of genocide in the EU and US.
    This is explained by the second difference between both: unlike for abortion less than 0,00001% of the killings are declared.
    The solution to cover-up this type of final solution: this time not gas ovens to reduce bodies to smoke and ashes but rather to simply declare murders as deaths by natural causes.
    It started decades after abortion but still before this millenium.
    For simplicity it will be referred to as "euthanasia", the word used for the mentioned less than 0,00001% of declared cases.
    On the other hand the main psy-op that was used to set the stage for "euthanasia" has a name: abortion.

    Abortion and "euthanasia" vs kill shot and extermination camps:
    Unlike abortion and "euthanasia", both the global compulsory kill shot and extermination camps were orginally scripted to be fully activated in sync with the coming BIG BANG.
    That's why two main types of psy-ops setting the stage for this type of genocide, originally scripted for 2009, were served since 2006:
    - super virus pandemic hoax (started with the avian flu and was just renamed from ebola to ZIKA);
    - "race war", scripted to start with vigilantes and pogroms and end in extermination camps.

    The kill shot will take place in homes for elderly (where most are "euthanized") and hospitals and clinics (same as almost all abortions).
    But they extermination camps were the first to be added to the list of ongoing genocide tactics, more precisely what media calls "transit camps for migrants" in Europe.
    So at the end of the day global mandatory vaccination became the only genocidal tactic to be FULLY activated in sync with the BIG BANG.
    The reason for the change in the timing: the KEY battle of World War III, where Illuminati were not able to crush the syrian rebels.

    Jan 2016 - Extermination camps for refugees in Europe: Illuminati pass truth in plain sight, from Germany Justice minister and Belgium Immigration minister to headlines:
    "There’s a Solution to the Refugee Crisis, But No One Is Talking About It"

    End Times Paradoxes: Since 2009 mass murder in hospitals, from USA to EU, from Canada to Australia, has DECREASED.
    From about 5 million a year in this millenium until 2009 to 4 million yearly since 2009. WHY:
    end-times-paradoxes.blog+spot -- /2011/08/

    Jan 2016 - Super virus pandemic hoax: Zika follows ebola for mandatory vaccination: GLOBAL kill shot

    Basic facts about human cattle - self explains why reading it won't have you weep about yourself
    Check out which one is relevant in the context of coming kill shot and coming extermination camps for US and EU citizens:.
    Hint: not the same fact as in the context of what Last Prophet exposed 2006 here:
    Avian flu 2006: why super virus pandemic HOAX NOT launched as bovine or swine flu

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    USA, EU, Canada, Australia: this time first not only for jews and dissidents first but also for non-whites, starting with blacks:

    USA, EU, Canada, Australia: this time first not only for jews and dissidents first but also for non-whites, starting with blacks:
    Virtually EVERY mall, stadium and large school built since 2000 designed as FEMA CC in the reduced version, the extermination camp:

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    "Euthanasia" and kill shot: BIG BANG timing: the direct link

    "Euthanasia" and kill shot: BIG BANG timing: the direct link
    "Euthanasia" from US to EU hospitals, care homes: the prize per head is much higher if the victim is 55 than 85.
    Reason:tThis ongoing and new type of genocide was one of the KEYS to postpone the global annihilation of pension funds, one of the BIG BANG chapters.
    In other words: it was paradoxically also one of the KEYS to postpone the global genocide by the kill shot, another BIG BANG chapter.

    2013 Oct: US shutdown theater (obviously still ongoing 2016) includes: Annihilate the fake 5.8 trillions in US debt supposedly held by ILLUMINATI puppets, from China and Japan.
    Next; human cattle stripped of pension funds and savings while it gets the order for compulsory vaccination agaonst the super virus pandemic hoax, alias the REAL kill shot

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    Abortion: the agenda " pave the way for anyone declared undesirable" -

    Abortion: the agenda " pave the way for anyone declared undesirable" - illuminati passed truth in plain sight 2009
    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Abortion Is About Getting Rid Of Undesirables
    In an interview with the New York Times, Ginsburg admitted that abortion is about getting rid of certain types of people that the elite do not want to have around:
    "Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of."

    JULY 7, 2009 - The Place of Women on the Court

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    Baby boomers: from abortion to "euthanasia" only to be terminated with the kill shot

    Baby boomers: from abortion to "euthanasia" only to be terminated with the kill shot
    When they came for the babies the baby boomers didn't react.
    When they came for their parents, a few years before 9/11, the baby boomers didn't react.
    No wonder that they didn't react to 9/11.
    Psy-ops targeting groups for genocide, precisely identified or not:
    Baby boomers v homeless, dissidents and christians v muslims, blacks and other non-whites

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