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    Yemen: Aden nuns: REAL blood false flag after countless fake Sanaa suicide bombings

    Yemen staged coup, Sanaa's fake blood and Saudi's fake war against fake rebels: End Times Information Process
    March 2015: Last Prophet exposed worldwide first the fake blood at Sanaa, an episode that would be repeated countless times after during the fake war "Saudi vs Houthis".
    The same Prophet had exposed in 2014 the real story of the Yemen coup as the OPPOSITE of what is served.
    The TRUTH was echoed by nobody. No wonder that the same happened with what's really going on now in Yeman.

    March 4, 2016
    Yemen: After countless fake suicide bombings in "Houthi" held Sanaa finally a real blood false flag, but in Aden.
    "Nuns killed at care home" is a false flag by "Hadi loyalists" alias by the "Saudi led coalition" alias the illuminazi forces.
    Goal: to paint the (falsely labeled Al-Qaeda) real rebels as terrorists.
    The same psy-op as in Syria and Iraq is used: even if the attack is served as "claimed by ISIS" the audience will associate it with the real rebels.
    Reason: the underlying psy-op of systematically serving ISIS and real rebels in the same pot.

    How do we know that's indeed a false flag and not just another fake blood hoax?
    Because nuns were killed. The false flag was designed to have the nuns in the headlines.
    A previous false flag of the same type in Aden went only as far as to set fire to a church.
    Reminder: the illuminati will use any opportunity for murdering christians with impunity.
    Contrast it with the Central African Republic after the same type of staged coup as in Yemen: a fleeing president in the role of suicide bomber.
    The murder of christians by the fake "muslim Seleka rebels" installed by the illuminati was more than just an window of opportunity: it was the main agenda behind the script for the coup.
    This led to an uprising of chrisitans that forced the illuminati to use french led "US peacekeepers" to occupy the Central African Republic.
    At this second and current stage the genocide can no longer be carried out as easily as before.

    March 4, 2016, same day as the Aden false flag killing nuns to target the real rebels:
    How illuminati media reports the real war "Saudi led coalition" vs real rebles:
    As usual drones replace what is really used by the IV Reich, from splitter ammo to cruise missiles, same as in Syria.
    Headlines: "Drone kills four suspected al Qaeda militants in YemenDrone kills four suspected al Qaeda militants in Yemen".
    Note some of the details used to make people believe the BIG LIE: "Al Qaeda propaganda brochures were scattered over the ground".

    As with every news wire about Yemen war, the summary serves the basic lies:
    Illustrated with the "drone attack" article:
    1. mentioning the real war but only as a side note, while relabeling the enemy in this real war as "jihadists" and the weapons used as "drones":
    "During nine months of civil war and military intervention by a Saudi-led Gulf Arab coalition last March, the United States has kept up drone strikes against jihadist groups in Yemen."

    2. serving the fake war against the fake rebels in "black is white" alias as a real war against real rebels.
    "With near-daily air strikes, Gulf Arabs and the U.S. are trying to rout the Iran-backed Houthis and forces loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who now control areas close to the presidential palace,"

    3. serving "deposed Hadi",as enemy of the "Houthis".
    Reality: Hadi was previously used in the staged coup to reinstall "Iran backed Houthis" alias the former terror regime of Saleh in power.
    Same as all suicide bombers used to pave the way for a staged "regime change", "Hadi fled Sanaa" in 2014, same script sd months earlier "Yanukovich fled Kiev" in Ukraine" or"Bozize fled Bangui" in the Central African Republic.
    What the resume conceals: after the staged esacape from Sanaa, Hadi also "fled Aden to Saudi Arabia" as soon as the Houthis started the assault on Aden:
    "Hadi fled south to Aden, a strategic port and shipping hub, early last year after the Houthis, a clan from northern Yemen, seized the capital Sanaa and forced him out."

    Satanic pope in Yemen genocide script, same as in the Central African Republic
    In the process of exposing the genocide of sunnis in Yemen Last Prophet also exposed the genocide of chrisitans in the Central African Republic, now in its second stage, which at its first stage was carried out using the same script as in Yemen.
    The satanic pope, played by Jonahan Pryce, was also casted in the diabolic script for the Central African Republic: it was the very first country "in war" visited by a "pope", in 2015, to propagate the fake "UN supervised election".
    As you would expect, the satanic pope is again casted in the diabolic false flag "Al-Qaeda kills nuns in Yemen. As usual illuminati use headlines to pass truth in plain sight;
    "Pope shocked by 'diabolical' attack on Yemen care home"

    Mar 4, 2016: As usual to get how was the false flag designed, headlines is all you need:
    Gunmen kill 16, including Indian nuns, at Yemen care home
    4 Indian nuns, 12 others killed in Yemen retirement home

    Mar 4, 2016: The real war as portrayed by illuminati media:
    ADEN - A drone strike killed four suspected al Qaeda militants in a car in the southern Yemeni province of Shabwa on Friday, local officials and residents said.
    The car burst into flames and plumes of black smoke were billowing above the main road where the drone struck, they said.
    Al Qaeda propaganda brochures were scattered over the ground by the road, local officials said.
    In the chaos around the Houthis push south, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), an affiliate of the global Sunni Muslim militant organization, has expanded its foothold in a country which has a long and porous border with Saudi Arabia.
    The Sunni-ruled kingdom sees the Shi'ite Houthis as a proxy for Iran, its main regional adversary.
    Viewed by Western analysts as the most dangerous arm of al Qaeda, AQAP claimed responsibility for the Jan. 25 attack in Paris on the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo.
    AQAP has suffered setbacks in recent months, losing its leader and several senior leaders in U.S. drone strikes, and is facing competition from the new Yemen branch of Islamic State.

    Mar 4, 2016 - Pope shocked by 'diabolical' attack on Yemen care home

    Yemen: contrast the IV Reich's Real war on real rebels with the fake war on fake rebels
    Saudi led coalition vs Houthis is a fake war.
    The real enemy of the IV Reich military are the ones who foiled the original script of a staged regime change to reinstall illuminazi puppet Saleh.
    In other words: the real defenders off Aden who managed to put an end to the "Houthi" alias Saleh's shelling of civilians that went on for months and still goes on in Taiz.
    These real rebels in Aden are the Southern Resistence Movement, who same as all other real rebels, are called Al-Qaeda by illuminati media.
    Immediately after they liberated Aden they saw the arrival of a more deceptive enemy, because dressed as anti-Houthi.
    These fake allies included mercenaries from Sudan to Colombia.
    Goal: to reinstall the puppet Hadi and prevent the real rebels from taking power.

    Last Prophet's words from Oct 2014 and Feb 2015 explaining in advance:
    - the Yemen coup 2014 as a remake of the Syria coup 1970, with illuminati using the shi'a minority to secure control.
    - Hadi's staged escape from Sanaa to Aden as a stoppver before the final staged escape to Saudi Arabia, in a remake of the role of fake Yanukovich in the staged Maidan revolution in the Ukraine.

    Jonathan Pryce again playing argentinian, pope Francis after Peron: ROLES

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