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    Gumtree Fridge Scam 1/03/16


    I am just writing this post to help make people aware of the Gumtree Fridge scam in Perth WA that is currently going around.
    Last night I bought a fridge which broke down not long after.
    Here's what happened:
    We didn't get any contact name and the seller was hesitant to give out their address.
    The seller had around 4 or 5 fridges on sale in their back yard.
    The fridge was plugged in and running when we checked it out and it was in good working order.
    They delivered the fridge and offered to remove my old fridge and I declined the offer.
    Soon after the fridge broke down. When we moved it we discovered that there was a panel missing which covered the motor. The water was leaking from the tray and there was black tape holding some wire together.
    If you notice anything unusual and sounds too too to be true, please just walk away and look at another fridge.
    I hope this helps others from getting scammed.


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    Re: Gumtree Fridge Scam 1/03/16

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