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    Be Wary of VISIONARY EVENTS! Real Estate Seminars set up for $25,000 "trainings"

    The latest incarnation of the Doug Clark Real Estate Investment team has a new name VISIONARY EVENTS. It would seem the same cast of characters from Doug Clark's team from Utah, traveling the US and no through Asia and UK. Comprised of many players, my interaction was with DENO FABRIZIO, DARIN KNOWLES, ROB OBORN, TRAVIS FABRIZIO, the list goes on.

    Essentially for the $200 weekend seminar, you are given cheesy seminar material from the 80's, quasi motivational blather that is really all about forking over cash....$25,000 worth....some incredulous banter about "giving it all away at this price". How one should ask ? they've got that covered, one of the first exercises is to fill out a form with your personal financial information, this gives the "counselors" insight into how much to squeeze you for. I passed and said we can discuss it when there was greater transparency of who they were. It was not easy getting a straight answer about Visionary Events and the web site was poor quality.

    As the day progressed, there were some concepts reviewed but always with the least amount of details. The presenter Deno Fabrizio was not taking any questions, you were to write down questions and review with your counselors, largely untrained, not very sophisticated in financial acumen and apparently out of their league with the litany of questions people presented.

    Deno also reigned control by not allowing people to "network" at the event, they were that threatened by people putting 2 + 2 together and getting stink. It was evident that this was not the first time. Later in the day before lunch, there was a shell game payment plan between credit cards and banks, continuously cycling payments thru, musical chairs with your credit. It was suggested that we take the time to call our banks and increase our credit limits, ALL in the effort to assure we would have funds available to purchase the course....mind you, we still have not had any real, significant training of strategies. Deno kept at the "consumer mentality" we needed to break through.

    Save yourself the weekend, they are marketing Wholesaling of investment properties, most of all you can do a search in your browser with greater content and less gasbag, bellicose and browbeating. It got a little ugly when the presenter asked on second day who still had concerns. A group of young women, I believe one was a Realtor, brought to light some issues in CA specifically. There was a shift in attitude that seemed to get terse and challenging. Maybe it works at home, but in a public venue, one sensed a missed, Anger Management class from the weekly schedule due to travel. The woman was a bit taken back and at break decided to leave, I don't blame her.

    Despite the blather and bullying, people signed up. I decided to do bit more investigating and found this same team has had numerous complaints under the Doug Clark Real Estate Investment banner. I'm hoping others will read this and the name that has been shifted around several times. There are several sites, mostly search for Deno Fabrizio, Darin Knowles, Rob Oborn.

    Links refer to other companies that these guys get in, take the money and run. Over the weekend I was there, someone figures they would have netted over $700,000. You'll probably be hearing from those folks in the future.





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    Re: Be Wary of VISIONARY EVENTS! Real Estate Seminars set up for $25,000 "trainings"

    I too have just recently experienced the Preview one day and then paid for and attended the three day real estate workshop. We went to the three day event (cost $241.00) with the understanding we would receive in depth training on the various forms of real estate investing, access to a Mentor among other things. I am pretty sure we were told at the Preview that we already had access to the software even before we went but would receive in depth training on how to use it.

    We did in fact receive some additional training on real estate investing. At several points throughout the training there were also in depth (much time spent more so) on esteem building, excitement and energy building, several side bars that went on for some time, way too much time spent on the book, "Who Moved My Cheese?".

    Flags went up in our minds when told not to talk with other participants (and yes this is how they phrased it) and to hold all questions for later (which really meant no questions at all in the group training times).. And you were extremely lucky to be able to ask question between or after because they were all busy signing people up for other training or those purchasing LLC's

    Our perception was that if a trainee was not ready to jump in with both feet and head first, they did not have time for you. So, the up-selling: At the preview was the upsale to the three day workshop where supposedly we were to get all of these great resources and get that in depth training. At the three during the training came, (hey, during this workshop only get an LLC for $595. And then big up-sell, come to Las Vegas for three day training, networking and THEN receive the real estate software first year free), get a Mentor, and more...for the Diamond Elite package of over $25,000.

    We did not bite. Too much up-selling and red flags. Did more research and found this site and a couple others with many references of the company changing names and going by multiple manes and questionable marketing and people not getting what they paid for. I received a phone call where they continued to try to get us into their program by offering a 12 month mentor-ship for $6 - $9,000. I went back and forth with Dan with still having concerns but trying to hear him out. Kind of pushy, I would start to say something and he would interrupt. When I finally said I dont think we can go forward he rudely stated "Good because I dont want to keep talking to you and hung up. Not even have a good evening.

    To no surprise, I tried calling back via the number he gave me as to his office and a recording said the line was not in service. I called the number given by the first person who called me, Casey who said the number was direct to him and guess what, just a buzzing sound.

    I really wanted to believe in these guys but things are just not right for me so far. I would love to hear from people that have become successful and how thru this group. Oh, they also would not share a list of class participants even at the end of the training. ???????

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    Re: Be Wary of VISIONARY EVENTS! Real Estate Seminars set up for $25,000 "trainings"

    They make people sign an agreement before they come into every seminar. I bet you they have made the advanced training students sign and agreement stating that they will not disclose anything negative.

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    Re: Be Wary of VISIONARY EVENTS! Real Estate Seminars set up for $25,000 "trainings"

    My husband and I finished our weekend seminar for the $200 or so bucks. We were intrigued with the wholesale investing opportunity. Therefore, a bit down bc we couldn't muster up $25k or so at the last minute.

    My question IS does anyone know how authentic the POF (Proof of Funds) for up to $750k per deal you're promised per deal with going through the weekend class?

    And who has actually tried Deal Desk yet- the support line to guide you through deals.

    That part seemed legit- any experience in that anyone?

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