On October 2nd 2015, my wife and I purchased a 2006 F350 and a Suzuki SUV from Murray Auto Sales UT. We were very happy with our purchase that day along with the promise to get us a 3 month warranty on our vehicles until Nov 5th 2015, my F350 had 2 push rods and 2 injectors go out on the truck. I contacted Murray Auto Sales in regards to the push rods going out and they said to call “American Auto Guardian” which is the insurance company to get the work covered. I called “American Auto Guardian,” but there was no record that my truck was covered under the warranty, or Murray Auto Sales never registered my truck under the warranty.
So I called them up and I was never able to get in contact with a manager for about 5 different attempts to call, but after the 6th attempt, the manager said they will get the report fixed and get me covered.
One week later, I called “American Auto Guardian” and still truck was not registered.
I attempted to call 4 more times to try to get in contact with a manager and I believe they are avoiding my calls. So on the 12 call I have made to Murray Auto, I finally was in contact with a manager and asked to talked to the owner Sam Omar because nobody was willing to help me get this resolved and that if he did not contact me, I will have to take legal actions.
So I told them I will give them a week or two to have the owner contact me and still no calls backs.
I have my truck fixed, but I had to pay $8,754.06 to Utah Diesel out of Lindon UT to fix my truck with no warranty to cover it.
I am extremely disappointed on how Murray Auto Sales showed major negligence on their part to follow through on giving me a warranty that was promised, not returning my calls, and avoiding to fix the problem.
I wish to first report this company to the BBB and other major review sites, and if I still do not hear from them, I will report this company to the Utah news networks along with my small claims complaint. I sure hope Sam Omar the owner of Murray Auto Sales realizes how big of an issue this is and that you need to learn that as an owner, you must take care of your customers, but if you wish to show negligence to your customers, your reputation may be in jeopardy. I do not wish to go down this road, I just want my warranty covered.

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