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Thread: Ad sense Ads?

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    Ad sense Ads?

    Not having this forum set up properly is really getting on my nerves. The ad at the bottom of the page covers up the Mod text that you use to get into the moderators control panel. Also no editing is a real pain.

    Admin could it be you need to have the length of the forum shorter? The ads are placed so that they are crowding out text and also forum functions like blog, reply with quote etc,

    I found this for placing the ads under posts. http://codesprints.blogspot.com/2012...vbulletin.html
    You have two ads right beside each other and maybe if you had one ad under each post in two places on one page it wouldn't crowd out the functions if you shortened or lengthen the forum. I know you can choose the width so I figure you can choose the length. Also there is a place where you place the code when you have the ad at the header or at the foot of a page. It's easy to find how to do it when you google and all kinds of instructions for placing ad sense ads but I can't see the Admin Control Panel so I have no idea what you have done wrong. I'm guessing but I think this could be close to what is wrong with the placement of the ads.
    Also isn't there a package you can buy that sets up the ad sense ads?

    I sure wish this forum was set up correctly.

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    Re: Ad sense Ads?

    Maybe this will help.

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