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    Beware of doing business with Kurt S Steele!

    Kurt S. Steele has repeatedly and pathologically lied and scammed people he has done business with as well as his own family. Do not be fooled by his manipulative talk! He will lie about knowing famous & well connected people and make up conversations he has had in order to entice people into believing he has the ability to orchestrate multi-million dollar deals. He has left people financially and emotionally devastated for decades while he moves on to his next victim(s). Last known locations - Northern CA. and most recently Incline Village, Nevada.
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    Re: Beware of doing business with Kurt S Steele!

    AN OPEN LETTER To Kurt Steele,
    the person who tried to destroy my family,
    I am not sure why you preyed on my Mom. I am not sure if it was her looks, her giving personality or her faith in God. It may not be any of these things. Whatever the reason, you did. When I say prey I mean you got close to her. Then you gained her trust. You listened to her problems, her past and to her hopes and dreams. Then you laid the bait.
    You got close to us, her children. The 3 most important people in her life. The people who, when all else failed, all else fell to pieces, were still there standing strong. The three people in this world who would do anything for our mother, who would die for her. You carefully thought through every word, every single little word, that was uttered when meeting us. You set the trap. You asked us permission to marry our mother and WE GAVE YOU PERMISSION. I regret that every single day.
    The wedding day came and went. The look of love in your eyes turned to the look of possession. The look of control. You had done it. You had captured the most beautiful, loving, loyal and faithful women you had come across. She was your prisoner. She didnt know it then, but she would find out.
    You made a mistake. You underestimated her children. You thought you could dangle false promises, money and lies and we would keep our mouths shut. You thought wrong. You underestimated the power of love that 3 children had for their mother. The same woman who stayed home to take care of us every day. Who took us to school, who put notes in our lunch boxes, created slurpee Wednesdays and roller skate Fridays, who made us tents out of sheets in the living room and took care of us when we were sick. The same women who made homemade lemonade, Mickey Mouse popsicles and introduced us to salted apple slices for our afternoon snack. As we got older she committed to taking us to sports practice, listened to our problems and told us everything would be okay while loving us unconditionally. All of this was done while taking care of her family and making sure ALL of our needs were fulfilled. Her life was full of love and family.
    It wasnt until you came into the picture that everything started to fall apart. All of a sudden there was so much despair, evil and sadness. From your Cancer Scare. The one you had to tell your mom and children about without any proof. Oh, on the anniversary of your fathers death of the same cancer. To the death of your laywer, stolen money, your daily death threats, your work deals falling through, the IRS putting a hold on your millions or your good friend who was dying of cancer. It was a constant battle each and every day because it seemed like ultimate gloom followed you wherever you went. All you did was bring my mother down. For almost 7 YEARS.
    You told her lies about her CHILDREN. You said horrible things and made her feel like all we did was betray you. Then you STOLE MY MOMS KIDNEY. Let me say that again. YOU STOLE MY MOMS KIDNEY. When I heard my mom was a match I was furious. I thought, how could God let this happen. My Mom, who has lived her life for Jesus and her family was being conned out of her Kidney. I was helpless and so I sat there. I watched the after math while she dry heaved all night with stiches in her abdomen. She was in so much pain. She went through so much pain. For you. Not just physically, but mentally.
    I watched as you tried to turn her against my now husband. I watched as you turned her against my own father. That was someone who had become your friend and who tried to help your pathetic life get better. You had already turned her against your own daughter. Years ago, because she was the number one threat. She knew your secrets so you didnt want her having any credibility. After my mom lost multiple friends, amazing friends, and her family pulled back, you still wanted more. Thats when you decided to try and turn her against the last 2 left, my sister and my Uncle. What did you think was going to happen when you kept pissing her family off? Did you think we were going to just shrug our shoulders and go on our merry way? We would never give up on a relationship with our mother, sister and friend. That is where persistence persevered. Almost 7 years of persistence..
    Once my brother found.Oh yes. We cant leave that out. My poor brother. The one you had lied about his full scholarship to college to. The one who you had FORGED his signature on student loans year after year leaving him in thousands of dollars in debt. But before the fake scholarship telling him you are placing his hard earned money in a special account to gain interest and then draining it for yourself.
    It was when you finally started telling my mom you had a sick friend, who was dying of cancer that resulted in you leaving the house every night for over a month from around 8pm 12am so you could read scripture and pray with him until he fell asleep, that we knew we could catch you in your lie. It only took a couple of our loved ones to follow you to the casino instead of your dear dying friends house.
    From your celebrity friends, writing letters PRETENDING TO BE YOUR 8/9 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER YOUVE NEVER MET to my mom acting like she is excited to be adopted by you, to emailing my mom pretending to be #Marissamayer and having bible studies with her for over a year, being friends with #Donaldtrump & #Markcuban where you would even have fake conversations with them, recording 20/20, FORGING A BANK DOCUMENT STATING 1 BILLION DOLLARS WAS PENDING IN YOUR ACCOUNT TO SHOW MY MOM, FORGING SAP CONTRACTS STATING YOUR CODE WAS BEING BOUGHT BY THEM, stealing ALL of my MOMS retirement, her kids future, AND FINALLY SELLING YOUR MOMS LIFE LONG HOUSE FOR 1.6 MILLION DOLLARS IN JUNE OF 2015 AND SPENDING EVERY PENNY OF IT BY THE TIME YOU WERE CAUGHT ON OCTOBER 16, 2015..MY WEDDING DAY!!!!!!!
    YES!! You preyed, layed the bait, caught your victim, but you lost her!! You may have stolen 7 years of our lives, my moms KIDNEY, my moms and brothers savings, your Moms way of life AND SAVAGELY RIPPED THE FATHER OUT OF YOUR CHILDRENS LIVES, but you lost.
    We all have each other. We all have God. We all have love and support. I will pray and continue to pray that you are never allowed to hurt another family again. I am sure you are concocting your new scheme and I am sure you are living off the rest of your Moms money you say you spent while living in that vacation home in Tahoe. I hope you know its not over. Justice will prevail and I cannot wait.

    The person who saw through you for 7 years.

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