There is a company in Leicester, UK named Montana Marketing which regularly advertises fake sales jobs. They claim that you can earn a fortune working as a sales representative. This is certainly not the case. The truth is those who recruit for these fake jobs are the only ones who make money. The more people who sign up for this scam, the more money the recruiters receive in bonuses.
Those hapless people who believe they are going to earn a fortune within sales are soon left disappointed. The new recruits are told to pay Montana Marketing in order to be taken to different towns each day. There day then consists of knocking doors trying to sell products. The sales people do not receive a penny for their efforts and often end the week in a state of penury.
The head recruiter at Montana Marketing is a young woman named Laura Chapman. She has not attended University and appears to be devoid of any academic qualifications. It is therefore rather vexing that many of the young people who fall for this scam are indeed degree educated.
Anyone who applies for a position at Montana Marketing will invariably receive a call from Laura Chapman within days. She will tell you how her bosses would like you to attend an interview.
If you do not attend the interview, Laura Chapman continues to call and email several times attempting to reschedule the meeting. This is because it is Laura and her fellow recruiters who profit at the expense of those who are taken in by this scam.
Montana Marketing may change its name but Laura Chapman will not. She is notorious within the world of fake sales jobs.
Avoid Montana Marketing or you will be destitute.