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    I wasn't paid for 3d visualizations for aquaticabath.com

    Hi 3d artists,

    Please be careful with Joseph Burnstein and his company aquaticabath.com. It isn't a solid company. Oh yes, they sell beautiful baths but you won't be paid for 3d visualizations.

    I was asked to do 3d visualizations of his baths, he liked them but I wasn't paid. He didn't want to pay any milestone. Joseph Burnstein said that his company was very solid and I shouldn't have worried about the money.

    You had better not give him any visualizations without any logos, without getting any money. And finally you had better not work with this person and this company without any milestones. IT ISN'T THE SOLID COMPANY.
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    Re: I wasn't paid for 3d visualizations for aquaticabath.com

    I forgot to mention that these websites belong to the same Joseph Burnstein and his company:




    His email was Joe@aquaticabath.com

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