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    Justice Scalia Russian to russian anti-doping boss, Viola Beach no longer rocks: Fake deaths, parallel scripts

    Justice Scalia to Russian anti-doping boss: Fake deaths in Obama/Putin parallel script for suicide bombers
    The nth episode in the parallel detonation of illuminati suicide bombers "Putin" and "Obama".
    Fake deaths that suicide bombers Obama and Putin will confess range from
    - Obama's granny in her bed in Hawaii one day before the 2008 election to Judge Scalia, just before Obama's full detonation, his confession of "the most sophisticated conspiracy in the History of Politics" shortly after his staged arrest "on live TV".
    - murder of Boris Nemtsov days before "Putin" torches the Novodevichny monastery, both acts in yet another parallel script staged as close to the Kremlin as it gets..... to leading Russian anti-doping official shortly before "Putin" fully detonates by "fleeing to Beijing".

    Both suicide bombs detonated while Putin and Obama complete ther main missions as classic bombers
    Fake deaths of Scalia and boss of russian doping agency staged while Putin and Obama try to complete what they have to before they can fully detonate:
    - Putin bombing civilians in Syria pushed to several hospitals reduced to rubble in one day.
    - Obama bombing the constitution in the US, completing the "disarm citizens" agenda, of which "coincidentally" Scalia's fake death is also part of.

    Side note: British rock band Viola Beach plunges off bridge in Sweden
    Staged the same as the fake deaths of justice Scalia and russian anti-doping boss.
    But the mockery, pushed to "all four band members and their manager dead" is primarly yet another episode in the series of fake deaths of musicians at the end of the show.
    This act ends with Lady Gaga at the Grammys one day later to play David Bowie (yet another fake death staged weeks earlier), the fitting make-up to pass truth in plain sught about her first death as Amy Winehouse.

    Mockery with parallelism: climate used instead of disarm in headlines
    Scalia's death boosts legal chances for Obama's climate plan

    Disgraced ex-chief of Russia's anti-doping agency dies suddenly
    The former head of Russia's anti-doping agency RUSADA, Nikita Kamayev, who resigned last year over scandalous allegations of state-sanctioned doping, has died aged 50,
    Kamayev, who resigned as RUSADA's executive director in December, died after feeling ill while skiing, the former general director of the anti-doping agency, Ramil Khabriyev told TASS news agency earlier Monday.
    "I never heard before that he had heart problems. Maybe his wife knew about some problems," Khabriyev said.
    RUSADA in its message of condolences called Sinev a "competent, experienced administrator utterly devoted to his work."

    Lots of facts about US presidents exposed first by Last Prophet by simply listing Obama's official and unofficial presidential tables, present and future:
    Obama, world's most lonesome president ever as presidential tables will show days after Obama's staged arrest.
    Obama's presidential tables include ELEVEN where he's alone FOREVER - EIGHT of them officially.

    Talk of fake Putin's list of fake murders and illuminati mocking human cattle with parallel scripts:
    Two names in the list, Boris Nemtsov and Litvinenko before poisoned with plutonium alias before he lost his hair: played by the same actor.

    "Putin" suggests to be the mastermind behind the most sophisticated conspiracy in the History of Sports, from football's FIFA to IAAF's athletics.
    - "Putin supports Blatter" even after the script has the last idiot understand that "Blatter is totally corrupt" (2015);
    - "Putin closes russian doping agency" after the script has "Putin has every athlete in Russia on drugs" (2015).
    The IAAF and FIFA suicide mission
    Contrast "Putin" with presidents Blatter (FIFA, football) and Coe (IAAF, athletics).
    Although "Putin" has the mastermind role in this suicide mission, it's the FIFA and IAAF presidents who have a mission of type "Destruction of what they supposedly stand for".
    IAAF is to be totally destroyed while FIFA only partly. On the other it's Blatter not Coe who will fully detonate ("arrested").

    Lady Gaga as David Bowie after Viola Beach plunges off bridge - for dummies

    ALL in Blog
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