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    unauthorized charges

    I tried the"risk free" trial membership for Hydroxatone skin care with free facial cleansing brush. They did not tell me I would have to pay a $7.95 fee for whatever. I still don't know what for. Then I get charged the $69.95 for keeping the products. OK. Fair enough. But........I'm angry about the fact that they did NOT explain to me that they were going to keep sending me their stuff WITHOUT my confirmation of that membership!! So when I received the next delivery, I immediately called hydroxatone and told them NOT to bill me and I would be returning the package! So I did. I marched right over to the post office the next day and sent it back. Well, I was happy to be free of that issue. Imagine my freakin' surprise when I find out my bank account is in the red over a daggone new charge!!! I call again and they have the nerve to tell me they didn't get the package. Not only did they bilk me for $80.00, now they are lying to me. No compassion for my issue, no apologies, just "well you should have gotten a tracking number!" Well I'm gonna have to go to post office and deal with this. Thank you, hydroxatone! Theives!! DO NOT BUY OR TRY ANYTHING FROM HYDROXATONE SKIN CARE!! And, I might add, the face brush is a piece of junk! The bristle brush doesn't even spin! I bought one for four bucks from an online store and it spun and came with three more attachments! No wonder hydroxatone wanted to give away so many. That's my experience.

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    Re: unauthorized charges

    I rang the company after seeing a TV ad for 'miracle' wrinkle cream. In my 70's I figured I could do with all the help I could get so decided to accept the free trial - full cost $1.99 freight. However, I found it very difficult to understand the heavily accented woman to whom I spoke. I caught a few words such as "$69.95 in three months" but her English was very heavily accented so everything else was too garbled to understand. Assuming, correctly as it turned out, that this was not really a free trial but if I didn't cancel I would be billed, I told the woman that I would not proceed with the order. I asked her to send me an email setting out all the details of the offer so that I could then make a decision whether to ring again and order.
    I never received the promised email, nor did I receive any product however at the end of the month the company billed me $1.99. I disputed this with the bank but was advised to cancel my card. As I have several direct debits on this account I didn't want to go through all the trouble of advising everyone so I let the small amount slip through. Three months later, however, I have now received my statement showing that they have actually deducted $102.40. I have reported this as a fraudulent transaction and my card has been canceled. I am hoping the bank will refund the money deducted. This company is, in my opinion, fraudulent and their actions are no less than theft by deception. There was no order number as I didn't actually order anything. Perhaps the person at the call centre (I am assuming it was a call centre operator to whom I spoke) didn't want to miss out on her commission!

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    Re: unauthorized charges

    All you got to do is can and dispute it with your credit card. But before you do that call the company and threaten them with the fact thats you are going to do a chargeback. If they don't refund your money, call your credit card company and say they never cancelled you. Good luck brother

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