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Thread: Nembutal scams

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    Nembutal scams

    Do not buy any drugs like Nembutal from anyone on the Internet, especially from Cameron or one Jorge Hernandez. If you know someone dying and in need of a peaceful death only trust exit international. No one else can be trusted.

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    Re: Nembutal scams

    Even i have got it from un.chem,they are legitimate.There are people on other forums who just want to promote some fake suppliers.

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    Re: Nembutal scams

    DO NOT do business with scammer and thief Jorge Hernandez (aka: William Betts. Aka: Williams B Jones). Operating numerous websites and blogs attempting to portray himself as a legitimate supplier under the names:





    Also using a fake company name and website by the name of:


    He will take your money, claim that he sent you the product. Then provide you with a fake tracking number to use on his fake website which will show you some information he entered stating it was sent He will then tell you your product has been held up at customs and will require additional $ to release. The company Bruegel Local doesn't exist. The phone number used on the fake website is Jorges and his fellow thieves from Cameroon.

    Save your time and money and buy the peaceful pill handbook. You will find reputable sellers and see lists of unscrupulous scam artists like this jerk and Co.
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    Re: Nembutal scams

    Hi please let me know a legit supplier of N powder as I am looking to purchase it however I am afraid of the scammers as I don't have much money to loose on scams.

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    Re: Nembutal scams


    Please let me know if you have received pure product from the supplier as I am looking for a legit supplier and I am from india, please help

  6. 10-26-2016, 12:03 PM

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    Re: Nembutal scams

    euromeds2day@outlook.com another nembutal scammer using (347) 541-8399 as phone numbers in Chicago .stole money money from my sick auntie .

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    Re: Nembutal scams

    (347) 541-8399 in Chicago
    STATE....... IL
    CITY.......... CHICAGO
    Phone number
    Franklin Denver

    Peacefullpilldirectory.com scam 666 666





    globalsupplier3@gmail.com number+1(508)980-1789



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