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    Unscrupulous Landlord Scams

    Do not deal with All City Properties Management when looking for housing. They were in Niles Ohio, but then they moved up the street to Warren Ohio at 3430 Niles Rd. S.E. 330-369-2017. they will rip you off in any way that they can. And EVERYTHING I say can be backed up. I wanted the place and they told me if I changed my mind I would lose my deposit. I agreed and signed. They lost my application and when they "found" it, my voucher had expired. I said I wanted my money back because I did not change my mind, they did it for me. I felt like the rug was pulled from up under my feet. They will lie and got that back up too. I took them to court and lost when their representative lied and said section 8 called them and said I no longer wanted All City Property Management housing. UNTRUE. When I appealed with section 8 willing to testify they never received the paperwork from All city Property Management. My appeal was denied. This company took my money,never got the place. I had to live in a motel buying food 2 times a day. Then I had to pay for small claims, and then had to pay for an appeal with a supena fee to be told they found no reason to reopen my case and was denied. Now I am stuck paying court cost. I am far from rich and on social security,54 and can not afford to go any further. Just beware of All City Property Management!!!!

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    Re: Unscrupulous Landlord Scams

    Tips to Avoid Rental Scams

    By Mirania27, November 2012 16:25

    Rental Scams have become a common phenomenon these days with several tenants falling victims to apartment rental scams or a fake landlord scams every other day. Recently, I came across a news report at Myfoxphilly.comthat speaks of an unscrupulous landlord who has duped several prospective tenants by luring them to sign false rental agreement for the same property. The prospective tenants have claimed paying thousands of dollars to the landlord as security deposits that he did not pay back for a house.
    In order to avoid rental scams, tenants should be careful and follow certain measures to avoid such scams. The number of rental scams is multiplying by leaps and bounds in real estate market. This article would focus on few guidelines that a tenant should follow in order to avoid getting scammed by dishonest landlords.
    1) Read your documents: Never pay a security deposit before signing the rental agreement. If you have rented before, you can hopefully recognize some of the features of your standard lease (name of landlord, payment terms, late fee, rules,etc), and you should inspect your documentation to see if it looks legitimate.
    2) Check out the Property in person: Checking out the rental property if you can; because you may never get back your money, if it is a scam. If you can drive by the property, then you can see if there is a rental sign in front of the property and this number matches the online advertisement contact numbers. Also, make sure that you check with the people in the neighborhood to confirm who owns the property.
    3) Check if property ownership information matches online: Ensure that the property you are renting is a legitimate rental property. The increasing number of foreclosures has encouraged the scammers to rent out properties that do not belong to them. Thus, before renting a house, spare some time to do an online investigation on the landlord and see if the name of the owner matches the party that you are contacting. Additionally, usually property records will indicate potential mailing addresses , then you can use that to identify irregularities, if any. The online records may indicate a ownership by the bank, so it may help identify that the landlord no longer owns the home.

    4) If it sounds too good to be true,then it probably is: It is not an easy task to identify a rental scam. Often times, we as consumers or tenants get attracted to the astounding offers, attractive prices, and great deals that we open ourselves up to being fooled by the scammers. One way to check is google the address and check the local real estate association sites and see if the property is listed on other sites for different prices, listed as a short sale, pre-foreclosure sale, or other contact information may differ. It maybe that the scammers are find their potential target properties by scanning other real estate listing and co-opting them for their purposes. In the case of this landlord in Philly, you may find out that the bank has listed the property for sale or short sale, and the owner or former owner did not have the right to lease it out again.
    These are few important tips for tenants so that they can avoid being scammed by landlords. Therefore, as future tenants you should always be vigilant to avoid scammers and keep these guidelines in mind next time you look out for a rental property. It also helps to work with licensed real estate brokerages and property managers as they are governed and monitored by state regulatory agencies, so it does provide some level of comfort that you are working with legitimate parties.

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