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    Vine Vera skin care at mall kiosks?

    Vine Vera, OroGold, HerStyler, Vivo Per Lei--all of these are owned by Mazal Enterprises, Eli and Daphna Weingarten (El-Darr Enterprises) in California. They hire young Israelis out of the military to pose as skin care consultants and canvas malls all over the U.S. and other countries, especially before Christmas, spending a few weeks in each, then pack up their gypsy wagon and move on to the next mall. How do you know if you’ve been scammed by this organized crime group:

    **Do young, attractive, mostly dark-haired sales people with strong accents jump out at you as you innocently walk by their kiosk handing out free samples and luring your into a chair for a free facial? DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT! Just walk on by even if you have to be rude. These people are highly-trained in the art of predatory sales tactics.
    **Do they claim to be Spanish or Italian? WRONG! They are Isreali but have made-up names like Giovanni, Raphael, Fabio, Marta, Dana to fool you.
    **Do they make all sorts of incredible claims for the products like Dr. Oz endorses them, they’re from the Dead Sea and cure everything from acne to wrinkles to rosacea? LIES! They are possibly cheap drug-store creams repackaged and relabeled and put in fancy jars, marking the price up about 1000%.
    **Do they say for you only they’ll give them to you for 75% of the usual cost? LIE! They make up the prices according to how gullible they think you are.
    **Do they say you’ll get free refills on the products because they’re opening up a spa in your mall? LIE! Another tactic to sell the products.
    **Do they convincingly tell you they want you to have the products so you can cure your rosacea or wrinkles or whatever before it’s too late? LIES. You may not even have the skin condition they claim but they manipulate using weak spot.
    **Do they flatter you to no end and convincingly seem to be super friendly and caring? WRONG! That’s purely an act. After the sale they show their true colors—abrupt, rude, and dismissive, even cold. Same with Mazal people (if you ever get them to actually answer the phone or e-mail). They don’t give a rat’s ass about you after the sale!
    **Do they claim to be skin care specialists or even dermatologists? LIES! They are highly-trained con artists posing as skin care specialists but are really ex-military Israelis making more money in a month doing a stint at the malls than they make in a year back home!
    **Do they conveniently never mention their strict no return policy? Perhaps fold over your receipt to cover tiny print saying no returns? Perhaps cover up the no returns sign on the kiosk with sanitizer and bag of products at time of sale? Does another salesman suddenly appear to ring up the goods and somehow knows what priced the other guy promised you? VERY DECEITFUL!
    **Do they refuse any unopened product returns and give you a supposed customer service contact number? And if you contact it, do you only get a reiteration of their strict no return policy and a well-scripted speech of how Mazal Enterprises has no control of these “independent owners/operators at kiosks?” LIES! They are the ones who hire them! The director of Vine Vera is a former captain in the Israeli army! And where do you suppose Eli and Daphna Weingarten are from, or at least have strong ties to? You got it—Israel!
    **Do you try to return to the kiosk you purchased products from only to discover they’re gone? Yup—they’re already moved on to the next mall for fresh victims.
    **Do they quote you one price but then add on hundreds or even a thousand to that price on your receipt? SURPRISE! You’ve just been robbed. Theft by deception is real big with these thieves. They hope you don’t notice or are too embarrassed to point it out.
    **Do they claim what you purchased will last two years? LIE! Lucky if it lasts two months.

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    Re: Vine Vera skin care at mall kiosks?

    How can they be stopped? How can justice happen? Is a class action lawsuit unrealistic? What evidence can be collected? How can the mall that rents them the kiosk not know what they are up to.

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    Re: Vine Vera skin care at mall kiosks?

    Like Gypsies, thats funny. Yeah they are definitely Jewey, I found a ton of these....same girl does twitter, facebook, etc. Fake testimonials:


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