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    phony VW emissions class action suit

    I used to bank at Jyske bank in Copenhagen. I received a notice about several German and Austrian law firms that were filing a class action lawsuit against VW and that it was open to all who owned shares in VW from a certain time. I contacted the law firm and proved I owned the shares . Then I was told that If i wanted to file a lawsuit I had to pay them a certain amount in court coasts in advance. The amount varied depending upon how much I wished to receive . I promptly turned them down. it sounds like an advance fee scam. pay so much and find you only collect so much they make a profit off you. so forget it. if you owned VW shares any law firm may try such an advance fee scam. :

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    Re: phony VW emissions class action suit

    Class action suits almost never require an upfront fee, so scam all the way, and if it was a true class action based on stock ownership, you would have been notified through your broker which is most common way to reach owners of stock.

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