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    Mail scams, how?

    or 'work part time @ home'? also found at createcashflow4u.com
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    WARNING!! - DO NO BUY FROM "R&D Auto Accessories(trimking1)" on eBay

    WARNING!! - DO NO BUY FROM "R&D Auto Accessories(trimking1)" on eBay

    Company Name:
    R&D Auto Accessories
    eBay Site

    86 LORNE Street
    Smiths Falls, Ontario K7A5J7

    Email Address:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Ebay Seller:

    Not only did they take nearly three weeks to send out my spoiler, R&D Auto Accessories has sent me the wrong color. I've tried to contact them multiple times and they have been very uncooperative in resolving this issue. Now they no longer respond to my email.

    On their ad they stated "You may specify your car's color in the comment section of PayPal or email it to us." I did exactly what was stated and specifically requested for a CD Silver Metallic Spoiler(Which is the car's color). Upon receiving my order, the spoiler that was sent to me was painted in a Pinkish color. I immediately sent them an email stating that the wrong color was sent to me. Their response was that it was my fault and I had sent them the wrong color request. This is not true since I had specially stated CD Silver Metallic on my order. How do you confuse Silver with Pink?

    To anyone interested in doing business with them, stay away!!!

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    [B]Re:Internet hacker : magda hajek (Russia)[/B]

    Re: http://www.troy-com.com/, http://www.post-service.org/jobs.html


    I have been just approached by somebody signed in with No 228-881-435 on ICQ, presenting him/herself as Magda Hajek.
    She have ask a couple of personal questions and said she was a HR Manager of Troy GMBH, http://www.troy-com.com/.

    After he/she logged off, so I do not have a possibility to ask any more questions. Have also find http://www.post-service.org/ - a website very similar to Troy GMBH. I suppose these must be 2 new websites from which the same group is operating just now. To keep the business rolling they probably have to change names frequently.


    re: above message.

    I was contacted by this same person two weeks ago and duped into this scam. I am from Auckland, New Zealand and i have lost NZD 15 000.
    This same person with the same ICQ# and website.

    The money withdrawn was sent through Western Union to Russia to:

    MTCN : 728-153-0358
    MTCN : 780-106-4719


    MTCN : 103-118-6662
    MTCN : 734-125-5816

    Recently i was contacted by the bank saying that this was a money laundering scam and that i was liable to pay back.
    Since this money was sent to Russia, i consider Russians an untrustable race. Do not trust Russians!
    If Russia is seriously interested in clearing their name, then it is their duty to catch these people who i have mentioned and return this money to their rightful owners in New Zealand.

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    Creative Real Estate Training/Scam Or Not?

    Has anyone used the A.D. Kessler Creative Real Estate Course?

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    new tech stuffed

    whooaa! I am so glad I read the scam slam. But I was disappointed when I figured out that I am not special... :mad: I too got KT's book and thought it trash, though a minute bit of what he says is true, the majority and the underpinnings are BAD. Being from a medical background gives me some insight into the supplement stuff, but he is rediculous. Sorry KT and the NTS, it won't fly, and shame on you for what you do...The truth shall set you free.

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    5 star shine

    anybody into keeping their cars polished like glass? any wax nuts here like me? don't fall for this scam: http://www.5starshine.com/ it's supposed to be some kind of super paint sealant that's supposed to last 5 years! not! i tried this crap against my better judgement, & it washes off like anything else. what the scam is it costs around $70.00 just for 1 small bottle that's supposed to do one car & last for 5 years, but i hardly had enough to do a small saturn & it's no better than anything else on the market! i also thought it was strange when they seem to push the fact that you only have to wash the car with water, & use no soap. they probably don't want you to wash off the polish! SCAM!

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    Anti scam site under threat

    A site devoted to exposing companies that exploit a loophole in the law, mailing deceptive contracts across borders
    is fighting for the site righ now after a string of legal threats from scam companies who have a lot more resources than us!

    Any advice welcome

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    Mail scams, how?

    Hi, lately my mother has been getting scams sent to her through the mail. She seems to be getting one every week. How did they get her address?

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    Re: Mail scams, how?

    Quote Originally Posted by Noya
    Hi, lately my mother has been getting scams sent to her through the mail. She seems to be getting one every week. How did they get her address?
    She must of applied for some type of opportunity or just info over the internet and her info was sold to list broker companies, then resold to anyone who wants to purchase the lists. Your mother's info (name, address, etc) could of been sold over anywhere from 3 to a dozen times. Just tell her to ignore them and eventually they will stop. And no more putting her personal info on the internet!! LOL.

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    Re: Mail scams, how?

    testing 12345

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    Re: Mail scams, how?

    I actually did work for a large international conglomerate and I was one of the few people who had need to know for every single email in the place, as well as for every file on every machine. Security breaches happen and then you need someone who can get in there and trace what went where and clean up the mess. We were also involved in some legal actions that meant we had to keep archives of stuff forever. That doesn't mean I went and read people's emails for any other reason. It does mean I got to see a lot of shit over the years in the performance of my duties. All of which I kept confidential.

    One thing I kept trying to instill in people is do not use company computers or email for anything remotely personal. DO. NOT. Oh man the shit I have seen on company computers... And I am not talking about porn, although I have seen tons and tons of that.

    As far as advice goes... depending on what state you're operating in there may be state laws regarding the confidentiality of emails or other data on the system. HR or legal can set policies regarding privacy. Also upper management. The company president might be really shocked to know you can read all of his stuff if you so desire. And the best way to deal with that is via policy and restricting access to those who need to administer those systems.


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