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    What's the Single Most Important Issue Influencing Your Vote in 2016?

    For me it's Illegal Immigration. It's the one issue that makes Trump my #2 choice. I believe he will tackle this issue. Cruz is my favorite overall, but if Trump becomes the nominee, I'd have no problem voting for him because I trust him on this issue.

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    Re: What's the Single Most Important Issue Influencing Your Vote in 2016?

    My problem is not one candidate talks about my number one issue and that's getting the out of the war business. Of course have to have a strong defense but this is ing crazy. What we spend killing brown people we could house, feed, educate, and pay for the healthcare of single moms all over*. Get them off the tit and back into productive society.

    We spend 589 billion in 2015. And that number is bullshit. We know there are black programs off the books.

    *I put my time and money where my mouth is. we work with a charity that does exactly that. Ask if you care.

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