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    Scam Warning!!! - UNGAGGED.COM


    Dear Users,

    I would like to bring to your firm attention that ungagged.com are infact a scam and fake company. We are an IT business located in Nevada and were recently approached by Duane Forrester who claims to have setup many seminars for IT companies around the country.

    If you go to their website you will see they mention that they are currently scheduling a workshop in Las Vegas!. You won't believe what happened to us, after registration with the company (I have full paper works to prove that) they asked for a fee (300USD) which our company paid to them in the hope that we get some exposures with other potential companies. But the true facts are they have conned us, YES!!!. They have even changed their phone number!!!. They are not even replying to our emails!.

    After our findings we know for real now that these guys are all blackhat seo scammers who have conned many people.
    A humble request NOT to deal with these guys.


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    Re: Scam Warning!!! - UNGAGGED.COM

    Welcome to the board again. Ungagged spams me almost everyday. Thanks for the post.

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