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    PM Stephen Harper Uses Scam Extradition of Whistle Blower To Conceal Torture & Government Crimes


    Imagine being tortured for 3 months while in solitary confinement for nine months by your government for refusing to sign a confession and so you seek sanctuary in Canada and they not on ly send you right back to where you came from, but help the offending government to cover their tracks with a phony extradition. We are not talking about some African dictatorship here people. This is another US Torture case of a guy who spent most of his adult life blowing whistles. I copied the below from a lawyer forum site so don't dump on me if you are some yankee doodle patriot who thinks you must support your government no matter what crimes they commit

    Although this case is now almost 10 years old it was kept secret all these years because of what the whistle-blower was trying to expose - Wall Street money laundering of drug proceeds through a government cut out company called American Financial Group, as well as torture of political prisoners in the U.S. This post will focus on the torture issue. Other Canadian forums are already discussing the murders of related witnesses and the $43 million fraud cover-up. http://www.veteranstodayforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=1229

    If you cannot see all the images below...go to http://whyunclecamhatesbruce.blogspot.com

    Someone else already posted about the $43 million government swindle related to this matter, but they all missed the boat on this. Forget the investment fraud and the 20 years of drug dealing by some corrupt FBI agent. That is all secondary. The real outrage here is that Stephen Harper authorized the false extradition of an American whistle blower even after Rob Nicholson was made aware that they would be sending the man back to a country that tortured him for three months and kept him in solitary confinement for nine months just to force him to sign a document! And despite all the torture the man still did not sign and went on three week hunger strike instead! https://afewthoughtsfrombruce.wordpr...shameful-fact/

    Go to this web site below and look for the medical report of Canadian doctor Walter Cohen, and eye witness sworn declarations of Ty West, Gary Betzner, and Erling Ingvaldsen (the last of whom also had almost all of his teeth knocked out of his mouth). http://whyunclesamhatesbruce.blogspot.com Also go to the Law Society complaint and read the two page statement of stock broker Michael Mansfield at http://bruceslawsocietycomplaint.wordpress.com in the exhibits section.

    This is explains many things like:

    - Why Bruce’s immigration detention hearings were all closed-door secret hearings when Canadian law says they must be open to the public.

    - Why Bruce was not allowed to testify on his own behalf at the fake extradition hearing even though he had the Charter Right to do so.

    - Why Gorcyca's official refugee claim was ignored for 8 years

    - Why one of the appeal books went missing from the courthouse

    - Why they would not allow Bruce Gorcyca to take a polygraph test

    - Why they kept him illegally detained for 10.5 months in maximum security detention even when he was not charged nor indicated for any crime!

    - Why there were no “charging documents” at the extradition hearing

    - Why U.S. federal agents stole the man’s book manuscripts at gunpoint

    Here the man describes the 15 ways he and other political prisoners were both physically and psychologically abused and tortured in solitary confinement units in America. https://afewthoughtsfrombruce.wordpr...shameful-fact/ Cou blame him for wanting to come to Canada?

    According to the court record he filed a 2 page report with Amnesty International and within 2-3 days was snatched from his Mississauga home at gunpoint and became a political prisoner in Canada – at the direct request of America for the next 10 months.
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    Both Nicholson and Harper were made very much aware of this abuse. It is in the court filings at both the Supreme Court and Ontario Court of Appeals. They elected to ignore the comments of the RCMP and an Immigration Canada official who claim Bruce was “100% truthful” and “consistently truthful”. They sent him right back into the hands of the barbaric government guardians that:

    + Burned him with cigarettes

    + Electrocuted him with tasers for a “demo”

    + “Water boarded” him prison style

    + Hog tied him for days

    + Beat him without provocation

    + Burned with pepper spray for refusing to speak

    + He was urinated on and fed feces

    + Sleep deprived the man

    + Allowed him to be raped by a huge homosexual prisoner

    + Falsely told him his mother had died

    + Drugged him with Thorazine before showing him to a TV reporter so he could not talk

    Here is the last communication from Bruce: http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/open-l...anadian-family

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    How the hell could PM Harper condone this sort of inhumane abuse? My guess is Nicholson will now claim he never told Harper – watch and see. This is despicably abhorrent behavior for anyone to allow – from any political party. Now the man is exiled abroad so he cannot tell his story in Canada – how very convenient for the American criminals and their pal PM Harper.
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    I only posted the first pages of all these documents here so visit the links and read them all on your own. Now I understand how they got Bradley Manning to plead guilty. Here is the book Bruce tried to write: https://persecutingwhistleblowerswit...esses-present/
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    Harper should have learned his lesson with the Arrar case but I think it is true what the Chinese say..."A tiger cannot change his stripes". Btw... when you are visiting the above links be sure to pay attention to what Atty. Wolkenstein of New York has to say - a complete stranger who never even met Bruce as well as the 25 year veteran Private Investigator Edward Reiken. Keep in mind that Bruce filed a refugee in June of 2000 and it was IGNORED FOR 8 YEARS! The really sad part is that Bruce tried to help 129 Canadians get there $43 million back that was stolen by the U.S. Justice Department - via an American government "cut out" company called American Financial Group. See http://2006bruce.blogspot.com

    This photo shows how the pregnant Canadian wife of Mr. Gorcyca was terrorized at her home in Mississauga:

    Although the below is the documented background of Mr. Gorcyca, some American agents have been spreading false rumors that the man was a "wanted pedophile in Canada" and "suspected terrorist" to justify their illegal court actions.

    * Honorably discharged military veteran (USCG)
    * Former fortune 500 executive
    * Former U.S. Treasury agent
    * Former U.S. Justice Department employee
    * Former air traffic controller
    * Red Cross Volunteer Safety Instructor (7 Years)
    * Trilingual
    * Registered organ donor
    * Volunteer civic leader for 7 years
    * Volunteer Salvation Army house parent
    * Volunteer AIDS counselor
    * PADI Scuba Instructor
    * Uni Grad with 3 degrees
    * Married 17 years with kids
    * Volunteer Little League Coach
    * Mississauga Food Bank Volunteer
    * Volunteer kids soccer coach
    * Volunteer Santa Claus for orphan kids
    * Pilot
    * Worked undercover for IRS & FBI

    Two honest FBI Agents, an honest DEA Agent, and 4 honest RCMP agents agree that Bruce is telling the truth but they refuse to provide statements unless they are subpoenaed by a court of law. Former MP Paul Szabo was given video tape that corresponds to the below letters:
    Lawyers of Record in Toronto: Marshal Drukarsh and William Gilmour. See: http://bruceslawscocietycomplaint.wordpress.com At the above web sites you will find the opinions of another MP and CBS News Investigator. The fellow in the photo is lawyer who filed the refugee claim for Bruce (Solicitor Marshal Drukarsh) THAT REFUGEE CLAIM WAS IGNORED FOR 8 YEARS!
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    Re: PM Stephen Harper Uses Scam Extradition of Whistle Blower To Conceal Torture & Government Crimes

    You appear to be providing some false information. Mr. Goycyca's case in US Federal Court was NOT dismissed.

    Mr. Gorcyca is considered a fugitive in the US.


    Now that he has been re-indicted, is aware of the charges against him, and remains in Canada, Gorcyca is a fugitive and court has the authority to deny his motion on that basis, without deciding the merits.

    Gorcyca's motion is denied.
    This case remains open.
    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science. -C. Darwin

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    Re: PM Stephen Harper Uses Scam Extradition of Whistle Blower To Conceal Torture & Government Crimes

    As I just posted in your reply to your other post... As of today the U.S. Marshal Service says there are no oustanding warrants for Mr. Gorcyca sir. Maybe this is why... http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/n...ines/20240425/ or maybe they realized 10 days does not equal 11 days. Either way you should probably take a look at this here... http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/open-l...d-exile-abroad and the below which is hard to argue with, especially if you read the 11 page sworn report of PI Edward Reiken at http://whyunclesamhatesbruce.blogspot.ca

    I think you are missing the big picture here... look at the magnitude of the government crimes this guy tried to report and then you may understand why they tried to take him out of circulation by any means necessary. I will bet you $100 he turns up dead from either a suicide or a supposed "heart attack" before the November elections.

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    Re: PM Stephen Harper Uses Scam Extradition of Whistle Blower To Conceal Torture & Government Crimes

    Well, first they tried to criminalize the man (like they do to all whistle blowers), and when the extradition didn't work out they made sure he could not remain in America or Canada where he could testify in a court of law (According to the Law Society Complaint http://bruceslawsocietycomplaint.wordpress he was not even allowed to speak in the Ontario courtroom during his phony extradition hearing even though he supposedly had a right to testify on his own behalf!)

    Now they are clearly trying to smear the guy with all sorts of nonsense like the post above. This is worth reading here as you can see what is being hidden from the public about Jeb Bush and a corrupt FBI agent named Terry Nelson, which by the way was confirmed by a 20 year FBI Supervisor named Ted Gunderson and a CIA pilot named Chip Tatum;



    Chism used the machines to count out $1.25 million from the $16 million in cash that was delivered to the office earlier that week by Finta. Nelson himself would never touch moneys anywhere inside North America - only in Panama or the Bahamas. Chism then banded the money and wrote initials on the bands "JB" and on five smaller stacks of $50,000 each, he wrote "K". He then instructed me to take all the cash and meet with Katherine Harris in Boca Raton. He said I would meet her at the Hilton and to ensure that we met privately and not to let her open the Versace bag on the hotel premises. I asked if he needed a receipt, and he replied "Not necessary".

    He also then told me "Be sure she understands that $1 million is for Jeb, and she can keep the change" I noticed that Eddie was a bit agitated, and so I asked "Problems in Paradise/". He looked up at me, let out a long sigh and let out a brief explanation that supplied the missing pieces of a previous conversation we had. "Manny will not get released for a penny less than $10 million, and that was NOT the original deal we had."

    I knew Eddie had more than $10 million readily available to him and could not understand why he did not just pay off the "ransom" and rescue Noriega asap. When I then asked him this very question, he replied. "I am stuck in an expensive chess match now and if I pay the ten, they may demand fifty. This way they think I am not flush and will be glad to get what they can. And if they want to milk me, I will do the same and get the most for my money. Having a friendly Governor will be good for business. This Bush gang is a greedy bunch Tony, and I regret ever meeting that snake."

    I helped Eddie put the money in the fancy designer bag and was about to leave to make my special delivery, when I realized I did not even know what Katherine Harris looked like. Eddie began giving me her description when my phone rang. What timing - it was Harris herself. Eddie then confirmed he had given her my number in case there were any problems in locating one another. But now as I answered the phone, Harris said there was a "change of plans" and that I should deliver the "package" to a friend of hers who lived on Singer Island. She claimed she had to attend to another matter but her "friend" would accept delivery for her and she trusted him completely. She gave me an address which was somewhat familiar to me since my friend Elvin Feltner also lived at Singer Island in the same community. Not feeling comfortable with the sudden change, I told Harris I would call her back in a few minutes.

    I was suddenly getting flashbacks to when Eddie wanted me to take that locked briefcase to Venezuela in their plan to make Chavez a partner. After hanging up the phone with Harris, I looked at Eddie and asked "Why do I feel like I am being set up Eddie?" He seemed genuinely puzzled so I finally decided to tell him about my IRS fiasco years before and how I was led to have a phony meeting with an undercover FBI agent in a Miami office building. I replayed the story in great detail for him and actually he seemed amused. But I was not laughing. That little ruse cost me 38 months of my life. Now Eddie was pushing me out the door and advising me "Just be cool and don't get yourself pulled over for speeding!"


    I think you should know that this is not the first book manuscript to be stolen via government dirty tricks. In 1974 a book entitled THE SECRET TEAM written by a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel named Fletcher B. Prouty was released by Ballantine Books. Although 500,000 copies were published, less than 1,000 copies were ever sold before a single buyer bought the inventory and Ballantine did not do a second printing and Ian Ballantine refuses to give an explanation. Something similar happened with another book called "IMMACULATE DECEPTION - Inside the Bush Crime Family" written by an Army General named Russell Bowen who has not been seen in years since he wrote the book. Censorship is alive and well in America. George Orwell was a genuine prophet IMO.

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    Re: PM Stephen Harper Uses Scam Extradition of Whistle Blower To Conceal Torture & Government Crimes

    From a Canadian forum now under hack attack>>>>>> "BTW... I found this earlier today: More linkage to U.S.government participation & passive approval of 160,000 tons of cocaine coming into Canada over 10 year span @ $18,000 per kilo profit for Team Bush. Maybe the $3 million paid to Harper was just 1 of many installment payments?
    "In my 30-year history in the Drug Enforcement Administration and related agencies, the major targets of my investigations almost invariably turned out to be working for the CIA."

    Dennis Dayle, former chief of an elite DEA enforcement unit.


    Louis Sapi, David Lewis, Brian McWilliams and all the Affinity Capital investors of Toronto have grounds for a $300,000,000 dollar law suit against the U.S. Justice Department for causing their losses with a cover-up of the AFG money laundering. See http://americanfinan...d.wordpress.com

    I wonder if it was this DEA supervisor who visited with Gorcyca in China and admitted...

    "We had a Wall Street task force closing in on the money laundering end of things that would confirm what you, Benitez, and Ingvaldsen explained. As XXXXXX told you, all that evidence was lost when WTC7 building was taken out. Now we have to count on Finta and you guys, but since they made you three and Tatum convicted felons, all we have that is legally bullet-proof is Finta and those phone bills you gave to XXXXXXX. Luckily, they cannot explain away those recordings".

    You know, parliament went after Mulroney for a lot less serious stuff. Harper warrants a far deeper probe. Ironically Gorcyca and Schreiber were apparently cellmates and friends according to Nico who says Gorcyca wrote the final chapter of his book about "The real reason Schreiber was targeted" and suggests "it really had nothing to do with taxes

    ALso former DEA Director Jona independently confirmed what Gorcyca leaked in his manuscripts about Noriega's friendship with the Bush family and the money they made together. 6 RCMP, 2 DEA and 2 FBI agents are on record or tape admitting Gorcyca told the truth and is why he was falsely targeted both by Immigration Canada and a fake extradition. Canadian officials even were convinced he would be targeted for murder as you can read in this post: http://www.veteranstodayforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=1229 If you read this here you will see a sniper last took a shot at him and almost killed his Chinese translator! http://whyunclesamhatesbruce.blogspot.ca

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    Re: PM Stephen Harper Uses Scam Extradition of Whistle Blower To Conceal Torture & Government Crimes

    This matter is connected to the Panama Papers and shows that Gorcyca told the FBI about secret Panama bank accounts of U.S. government officials in 1996 and 2001 and to PM Stephen Harper in 2006. See below for details:




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