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    Europe: Death trains to extermination camps painted as «orderly and organized relocations: here we go again

    Europe: Death trains to extermination camps painted as «orderly and organized relocations: here we go again from BBC to German media.

    Extermination camps in Europe and World War - reversed timing in IV Reich
    III Reich: genocide in extermination camps started shortly BEFORE World War II was launched in Europe.
    IV Reich: genocide in extermination camps starts with the first organized transports in Sep 2015, 4 years AFTER World War III was launched in Syria, in 2011.

    Death trains - the main differences:
    1. the first "relocated" passengers this time are not almost all jews but rather from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.
    They fled chlorine and barrel bombs by fighter jets and attack helicopters from both the "Assad, Iran and Russia" unofficial coaliton and the supposedly independently operating "US led coalition of now 60 countries".

    2. This time the operation doesn't start with German Gestapo supervising it but rather the neo-Gestapo from eastern Europe states.

    3. This time the orderly phase was preceded by an intentionally chaotic phase, or in other words by a psy-op.

    Sept 25, 2015
    IV Reich: finally the same picture of the final journey as in the III Reich
    Illuminati media, from BBC to germman TV, reporting death trains to extermination camps as "very orderly and organized relocations", the same images as before World War II served in the UK and the USA about jews heading to Auschwitz and Dachau.
    The passengers peacefully boarding the death trains this time are called both migrants and refugees.

    The path to reach the same picture - contrast the III with the IV Reich
    III Reich:
    1. The main psy-op to was "jews are subhuman".

    2. Meanwhile the fake oppositors (UK and US governments and media) painted Hitler:
    - not only as an acceptable partner, from "peace confeence" of Munich 1938 to almost all major corporations ...
    - but in fact propagated the nazis, from nazi Germany as organizer of the Olympics to constantly praising the "german economic miracle" from the "ruins of the first world war".

    IV Reich: 2015:
    1. Calais, France psy-op, to paint refugees as "migrants tryng to escape poverty", centered about "migrants trying by all means to border trucks and trains to England".
    This included police pretending to "unsuccessfully try to stop migrants".

    2. Major wave of refugees flooding to Europe suddenly created by:
    - Bombing camapaign in Syria and Iraq upscaled to maximum level, cities where every building is damaged.
    - termination of "food stamps" to 5 million refugees in camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

    3. Angela Merkel (Hitler's younger daughter) announces that "Germany is ready to welcome 800,000 refugees".

    4. Hungary's neo-Gestapo ordered to allow refugees to escape detention camps and so stage the "march from Hungary to Germany". "Mamma Merkel"'s signs non-stop repetition that all that migrants want is Germany.

    The Race Card: How the illuminati played it in the III Reich compared to how they play it now in the IV Reich:

    Termination of "food stamps" part of setting the stage for genocide of refugees coming to Europe and of black EU and US citizens.
    How food stamps are used to set the stage for imminent genocide in gas chambers and by the guillotine in malls, that starts with blacks and muslims.

    Alexander Adolf Hitler is the current Illuminati Grand Master.


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    RSIX MONTHS later:

    Idomeni camp, Greece, the after Calais psy-op: finally the perfect horror slide show.
    Calais had already been extended with the razor wire. One month later, it has finally rained enough to complete the perfect psy-op.

    Reminder of Last Prophet's words from March 4:
    Idomeni camp replaces Calais jungle as leading psy-op of type "camps for migrants and refugees ".
    Illuminati media:
    "No it's not Glastonbury, it's a refugee camp in Greece: Staggering aerial photos show huge tent city on Macedonian border - where desperate migrants hold babies to razor wire in bid to get across".
    For the trasition to be perfect only the weather is not as scripted: not enough rain, to pass image of "swines in the mud" from the beginning.
    All at "Ongoing genocide of refugees in extermination camps in Europe: from Calais, France to Idomeni, Greece".

    Horror slideshow - perfect at last
    Photos from March 31, 2016, "in a makeshift refugee camp at the northern Greek border point of Idomeni, Greece, "

    Refugees are being gassed - it's business as usual
    #2- Lazaros Oulis, farmer and owner of fields drives a farm tractor near the makeshift refugee camp at the northern Greek border point of Idomeni, Greece, Thursday, March 31, 2016. Oulis, tried to plough his land on Thursday, driving the tractor near the tents and peopl

    Razor wire
    Oceans of barbed wire, to push the message to the utter limits
    #4 - Macedonian army soldiers patrol between two-line fence set along the border line between Macedonia and Greece, near southern Macedonia's town of Gevgelija, Thursday, March 31, 2016. More than 50,000 migrants remain stranded in Greece following border restrictions and closures by Austria and Balkan nations.
    The classic joke, reversed orientation of barbed wire, for which the fake "concentration camps set by serbs for muslims in Bosnia", set a milestone. But this time a reveresed script, or in other words, for real:
    #5- A migrant stands behind a fence in a makeshift camp at the northern Greek border station of Idomeni,

    Children, swines in the mud, barbed wire
    #9 - A girl walks through a makeshift refugee camp at the northern Greek border point of Idomeni, Greece, Thursday,

    No need to include the all of the fence: enough barbed wire at #4
    #3 - Silhouettes of refugee children
    #10 - A boy waits for food Thursday, March 31, 2016.
    #12 - A woman sits on a chair in a makeshift refugee camp at the northern Greek border point of Idomeni, Greece, Thursday, March 31, 2016.
    #16 - Children stand in their tent

    Railway tracks
    #20 - Refugees move from tents by railway tracks to gas ovens of extermination camps captioned as "Refugees move among tents set next to railway tracks"
    #21 - tents set next to railway tracks

    Suggesting long duration - now rather a mockery
    Unlike the "Calais jungle camp" 2015 psy-op this time only as mockery of an audience playing innocent bystanders, same as during the holocaust.
    #22 -now a doend and a oven is all it takes to suggest crowds and long duration of camp

    Fatttened muslim cattle must be slaughtered
    #23 - the perfect weight, pose and clothes

    April 1, 2016
    "Through the coils of razor wire and a fence that stretches across green fields, "
    Horror slideshow - to start click first photo

    Mar 4, 2016 - Psy-op "migrant and refugee camps":from Calais, France to Idomeni, Greece: the main difference

    Illuminati religion: "truth in plain sight" and "human sacrifices, the more and the younger the better"
    One episode that is also a crash course for dummies:
    Apr 2013 - South korea ferry captain casted as "The Death"
    Korea Ferry "accident" EXPOSED: Mass Ritual Sacrifice of Youth, same as fire at disco, Santa Maria, Brazil


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    And again another SIX MONTHS later or almost a year after the first post

    And again another SIX MONTHS later or almost a year after the first post

    The bigger the lie the more people will believe it.
    And once said people are reduced to beasts there are no limits to how far can the BIG LIE go contradicting what said beasts can see with their own eyes.
    August 3, 2016 - Record 1.3 Million Applied for Asylum in Europe Last Year

    Reminder from June 2016
    Refugees being gassed in death camps: illuminati pass truth in plain sight: Examples
    Greek fisherman arrested for ferrying Syrians (trying to go BACK to Syria).
    Note the use of the word "several" in article.

    June 15, 2016
    Greek police have arrested an elderly fisherman suspected of illegally ferrying back to Turkey Syrian refugees fed up with being stuck in the financially struggling country.
    Police say the 70-year-old was caught Tuesday near the border town of Didymoteicho. He was allegedly trying to carry nine refugees across the Evros River, which forms the Greek-Turkish frontier, in his eight-meter (26-foot) boat.
    Police said he charged 50 euros per passenger. The arrest was announced Wednesday.
    About 57,000 refugees and other migrants have been trapped in Greece since Balkan border closures in March shut down the migrant route towards Europe's prosperous heartland. Over a million migrants had taken that route over the previous year. All entered through Turkey, and didn't want to stay in Greece.
    Several Syrians are now trying to return home.

    Auschwitz before Lesbos and Homos: Satanic Trilogy of genocidal announcements by "Holy Father".
    A milestone for truth in plain sight about an ongoing genocide set together with the Lesbos act:
    Video "Greece: Refugee children fight barbed-wire with flowers and tears"

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    Re: And again another SIX MONTHS later or almost a year after the first post

    If they are genociding the radical islamic terrorists, I am all for it. Its not like Hitler crap either, these monsters are cutting heads off, the Jewish people were peaceful

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