Is Rebornbuddy worth using, the short answer is no!

As of September 6 2015 the bot does not support Direct-X 11 and has no
support for flying. We are now many months after the release
of Heavensward and major items are missing from this bot.

Final Fantasy 14 Heavensward was released on June 23 2015.

For any kind of fishing using this bot you have to rely on a
3rd party plugin that only partially works.

There is no built in repair method to be able to repair
your gear after a certain amount of time. Once again you
would have to rely on a 3rd party plugin called "Repear"
and that plugin has not been updated for Heavensward.

Fishing is another issue with this bot as well there is no built
in fishing support either and again you have to rely on a
3rd party plugin that is only partially working and is not fully
working right.

That is the problem with having to rely on a 3rd party
plugin is that the developer of the plugin stops supporting
the plugin after a short period of time and then you
lose a basic function like being able to repair your gear
automatically. Right now there is no plugin that is working
fully that can do this.

The bot is horribly busted the customer service from Bossland GmbH
is pretty much non-existent. (Bossland GmbH is the company that makes this bot)

Bossland GmbH
Leipziger Str. 72
08056 Zwickau
DE - Germany
Phone #: +49 375 390 99 885
Fax: +49 32121 377001
Email: support [at]

Basically there is only one developer who works on this
bot who goes by the name of mastahg

Basically most of the functions for this so called "bot"
are not built in and you have to use plugins to get key
features to work with the bot. Most of those functions
are community developed and support is extremely lacking
on any of those plugins.

At any time the developer can decide to stop supporting
this plugin and you will lose a key function of that bot which
you need.

Oh also you will get no support for any 3rd party plugin
which you use by Bossland GmbH they refuse to give
any kind of help what so ever for it and will tell you to contact
the author. This is their way of getting around having to
put the function in their bot and actually support it.

Support for the bot is absolutely horrible and a lot of the
people on their forms are just a bunch of elitist a-holes
good luck on getting support from there.

Keep far far away from this bot it is NOT worth it!
This bot is nothing short of a fraud! It does not work
as advertised.

If you try and complain on their forms about thier bot and try
and get something done about it the staff there just ban
your account and censor you.

The staff who make this bot are absolute assholes