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    Kamaly Dorsette from My Life On Ei8ht Embezzled úthousands in payment from skaters / rollerbladers

    A group of 12 skaters (performers) from the London skating scene were contacted for a series of outsourced skating jobs by Kamaly Dorsette (Kam)– the Director and sole owner of “My Life On Ei8ht” (MLO8, My Life On Eight) to perform in a series of Virgin Media promotional events. The work was carried out and completed between March/April 2015 but payment and out of pocket travel expenses totalling over ú6000 were never paid to the performers concerned. Initially Kam claimed to not have received payment for the job himself as the job had been outsourced by "The Staff Room UK" - We have then since (mid-August 2015) contacted "The Staff Room UK" and verified that “My Life On Ei8ht” had indeed received the payment for the job but not passed it onto the performers. When approached, Kam initially lied about not receiving payment, subsequently falsely blaming his unofficial business partner before finally being forced to come clean when confronted with the facts. He claims to have ‘invested’ the money unwisely and has made numerous empty promises to pay us back, repeatedly missing agreed deadlines for the first payment instalment. Not a single cent has been paid to date. He has since avoided correspondence with the performers with little or no intention of paying us.

    During the last few months he has also purchased a watch, a smartphone, a car and purchased tickets for a trip to Atlanta, which we believe .

    Company and Director Details:

    company details:
    Company number: 09416257
    8 Thames Road, Grays, Essex, RM17 6JT
    Mobile: 07736667815
    Email: info@mylifeonei8ht.com ; kamdorsette@googlemail.com

    Director: Kamaly Dorsette:

    Facebook Page:

    Previous Company:
    4 North Side Walk, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 8LG

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    Re: Kamaly Dorsette from My Life On Ei8ht Embezzled úthousands in payment from skaters / rollerbladers


    Have you signed any contracts with Kamaly Dorsette ? Have you been to your local police office to collectively report it? Make sure to officially do all the legal procedures and bring them the information and proofs that you collected to build a string case.

    I know my message is useless but I have experienced the same situation when I lived in Germany, I was in the skating industry. I don t know Kamaly Dorsette or my life on ei8ht, it was other people but I felt concerned by your story.

    Keep us updated !

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