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Thread: otel.com scam

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    otel.com scam

    I never heard of otel.com before but only through a search for a hotel (in Las Vegas) in hotelscombined.com that I came to know about this site. Apparently, it was the cheapest among all other sites. I selected this so-called otel.com immediately and made my reservation for "El Cortez" hotel in Las Vegas for 15 nights. It took them seconds to charge my credit card for the whole required amount of money.

    When I reached the hotel, I found the reservation but I was told that, according to the hotel's policy, reservation over one week are not accepted and accordingly my second week was declined and I had to pay for it separately at the hotel (+resort and insurance fees!). Feeling intolerably exhausted after a 24-hour journey, I could not argue and had to accept their so-called policy and pay the requested money in order to get to bed!

    I reported the issue to otel.com and got an email from them saying:
    "Could you please get invoice which shows you have been overcharged since you are staying more than one week ?The invoice must be separated for VAT - Resort Fee- Accommodation. We will be refunding that accommodation amount which you have been charged at the hotel."

    "Query Details
    Query ID: YLW-304-66358
    Process ID: O1-15132895
    Booking Tracking Number: 15813727"
    I got the requested invoice and sent it to them, and received this reply:
    "We have received your receipt. We are investigating the issue with hotel supplier, related department and hotel. It can take a some time. Please allow us time to get quick solution."

    Ever since I got that email I never heard from them again and they never reply to my emails and never got a refund.

    Having gone through this terrible experience, I found out (through web search) that there are numerous victims to this same site. The story is not over yet, I have several options to force this fraudulent site to refund my money. I'll keep you informed guys! yb:
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    Re: otel.com scam

    Hello everyone. I would appeciate any input you may have. I booked a 5 day hotel stay in Orlando Fl on Monday (6 days ago) and it was paid immediately on my credit card. I received a voucher by email. I called yesterday to the Hotel in FL to confirm my stay as I am travelling with a small child and want to make sure all is ok. Well to my surprise they have nothing in my name. I called Otel.com and he said hmmmm "While it sounded loud and like a party in background". He said I will send you the direct hotel confirmation asap. Well that was 24 hours ago and nothing yet. We called back and the man that answered was nicer on the phone but said to email a query via their website. Why couldn't he tell us what was going on?? We emailed them via their website and no response either? IS THIS A FRAUD??

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