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    German Sun Ltd - Need Help I Was Scammed Buy This Company.

    ok i'am new to this.i was scammed buy german sun ltd,they sound so real i found a e-mail in my inbox from careerbuilder.com stating they were legit company.so being hard up for work they sent me a 3 checks in the mail for $900.00 dollars apeace.i was informed to cash the checks at my nerest western union.doing so i was arrested by a police officer and know i'am facing charges.is there anyway to prove i was set up in court.i have 3 felonies pending.i saved the e-mails from them dont know if the judge will look it over as proof to me being scamed.need some advice anyone please help me on what i should do.

    my e-mail address is deiterstheone@yahoo.com.
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    Re: German Sun Ltd - Need Help I Was Scammed Buy This Company.

    testing 12345

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