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    Jill ballantyne, "phd", "minister". Do not buy what she is selling. It could kill you!

    Jill Ballantyne will have you believe she has her PHD. What she actually has is a "PERSONAL HOLISTIC DEGREE" . . . not recognized by anyone but herself. But her minister degree IS recognized by Conan O'Brien, and many other paid celebrities. The Universal Life Church gives those degrees away for free. Sign up. You can be a minister too, within 20 minutes. She also affiliates herself with wiccan medicine and tuning fork therapy. Doesn't sound like any minister I know! So when she starts talking to you about praying away your sickness, WATCH OUT!. Do not let your loved ones suffer because of her disregard for modern medicine.

    And she loves to bash on social media. Employers, apartments, businesses. Never happy. She's toxic. Do business with her and you may regret it.

    As an example, she agreed to hang 3 pictures for me a few months ago for $225. YIKES! It wasn't but 20 minutes worth of work. She comes back the next day wanting to charge me nearly double that. It took her HOURS to do! I could not, would not pay her for that scam. She made a binding bid to me and I in turn made a binding bid to that client (a senior living center). I gave her a lesser amount that she demanded, and the next thing I know she's calling ME a scammer! She then set out on a mission of tarnishing my company's reputation with her lies.

    I rue the day that I met Jill Ballantyne!

    This woman is not to be trusted or believed or hired or helped. Do not give her money ahead of a job.

    Protect yourself and your loved ones.

    from Lutz, FL

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