Poll: When will 12daily Pro fail to pay 144% in 7 business days?

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    Re: When will 12daily Pro fold?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheCableGuy



    All registered by asset protection lawyer kevin wessell and company agent brett hubbard only did all this on 7/9/05 so that kind of says they looking at drawing to a close.


    Kevin wessell has shady past they could keep your money and you could do nothing.

    I think it will go just wether or not they pay out peoples cash first im not sure.I think until christmas.
    Dear Cable Guy

    This is to answer questions about 12Daily Pro Inc and LifeClicks LLC

    My name is Kevin Wessell. I am the CEO of Companies Incorporated.

    We establish corporations and limited liability companies for clients. Go to http://www.companiesinc.com and you will see our company. We establish thousands of companies yearly.

    We received an order from a client for us to form companies named 12Daily Pro Inc and LifeClicks LLC.

    We shipped the companies to the client as required. Naturally, we do not have anything to do with the operation of this company. These are simply two of the many thousands companies we have formed for clients.

    We have been receiving telephone inquiries regarding these companies, so we have posted a statement on our website: http://www.companiesinc.com/12dailypro/

    The "Frank Kryder" (whoever that is) website simply lists me as an incorporator on several companies. This is what I do for a living...incorporate companies.

    Your "shady past" comment can get you into some big trouble. I would be really careful if I were you when making comments like that. There are some pretty serious legal and financial consequences for such false slander.

    I hope this helps.

    Kevin Wessell
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    Re: When will 12daily Pro fold?

    Kevin get off your high horse. "You could get in to trouble. I will tell your daddy if you say bad things about me! You will get spanked!" Before that paragraph I was with you, and then you said that and now I think you are a complete dolt. If you wanted to gain any understanding you just don't write things that way on Internet message boards. I swear I have seen more guys who think they are big wigs post in this official manner going around threatening.....unbelievable.

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    Re: When will 12daily Pro fold?



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    Re: When will 12daily Pro fold?


    Yes, I understand your toughts. When I wrote that I had been spending hours correcting the rumor-mongers and was pretty fed up. I'm not a message-board pro so am not too familiar with the usual protocol.


  5. 03-02-2006, 10:46 AM


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    Re: When will 12daily Pro fold?

    I almost got sucked into this one. Glad I didn't because they have a ton of problems. it looked legit in the begining.

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    Re: When will 12daily Pro fold?

    Quote Originally Posted by SWAT
    I almost got sucked into this one. Glad I didn't because they have a ton of problems. it looked legit in the begining.
    Yes, well I got sucked into this one against by better judgement. I haven't been scammed online in 8 years and then I joined this 12dailypro and have had problems galore ever since. Not to talk of the fact that after I found out it was a huge scam (thanks to Ponzi Nemesis and Cito steering me in the right direction with their posts) I parted company with the site in early January only to lose my money to a bunch of scamming HYIPs and to Stormpay, those thieving vultures.
    Karma is a Biatch! :yelcutelaughA:

    Con artists revealed as the criminals they are! freakB:

    The IGNORE feature is the best answer for a FOOL!

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    Re: When will 12daily Pro fold?

    testing 123

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