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    Amanda Dempsey is a scam and aworkathomejobs.com is a fake scam buster site

    Amanda Dempsey stands against our mission to expose real scams. She is a threat to websites like scam.com creating a fake scam buster site to drive traffic to her affiliate websites, capitalizing on destroying a companies reputation without doing any due diligence on the company or even being scammed by that company.

    Her site aworkathomejobs.com needs to be taken down because it is a fraud. Amanda Dempsey is a scam artist who preys on the innocent.


    This scammer writes fake blogs about companies to fill her fat pockets with cash. She's writes negative reviews on companies that have high traffic to drive them to this her fake scam buster website.

    When the visitor lands on the fake scam buster website aworkathomejobs.com all they see are negative reviews on the company they were searching for.

    The person that lands on this fake scam buster website thinks that Amanda Dempsey has their best interest at hand when in fact, Amanda gives you her recommendations of what opportunities or companies she thinks are reputable to invest in.

    At the bottom of her fake negative review, she conveniently gives her recommendation of what she claims is not a scam.

    "Personally, I have made money online, but with no risk whatsoever. Click here to see the same exact program that has allowed me to kick my 9-5 to the curb.

    Thanks for reading my review of Channel Trader Pro!"


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    Re: Amanda Dempsey is a scam and aworkathomejobs.com is a fake scam buster site

    I agree with you! She is a liar, fake scam buster!!! Should be arrested! FAKE SCAM REVIEWS ITS CRIME!

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    Re: Amanda Dempsey is a scam and aworkathomejobs.com is a fake scam buster site

    If you look at the date by the reviews, you can clearly see that it is a scam. It will take longer than one day to write a real review. Almost all reviews are done in one day. This website aworkathomejobs.com is set up to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

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