I am cautious in my consideration of this nomination, I urge others to be also. Due to the overly strong powers that have been granted to the federal government over the last 200 years, the Supreme Court has become a far more powerful body than it should be. Whereas the high court has always been important, it's power has become demonstrably more pronounced during the Renquist's tenure. This point is debatable and reflects only my opinion.

The Republican party in Washington DC will vie for this candidate because he seams as though he will protect their interests. The Republican people of this country will support this nomination due to the inherent top-down structure of the Republican party. Unfortunately, the Republican people (private citizens) do not realize, en masse, that the Republican party in DC does not represent the best interest of the Republican people at large, and in fact will probably only further the cause of big government and fiscal hemorrhaging that in turn damamges the people at large. Social issue red-herrings and newspeak talking points dominate their political landscape. Some of the Democrats in DC will support this nomination, as their interests much the same as the majority of Republican legislators. Some of the Democrats will fight due to that party's obsession with Roe v. Wade, and it's absolute inability to look beyond that single ruling, towards more fruitful territory such as Connecticut v. Griswald, and others. The Democrats will, as usual, come across (through soundbites, talking heads, and shoddy journalism) as abortion obsessed, and the more radical elements of the party will not help.

No one in DC will oppose or support this nomination based on whether or not it is best for the constituents of this nation at large, and we the people do not have the power, reach, or influence to determine one way or another if this nomination is good for us. We must be vigilant, and stick together to get more information, false party line bickering ensures no one's freedom except those absent from the arguments themselves.