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    Venezuela: illuminati suicide bomber Maduro about to FULLY detonate

    Venezuela: illuminati suicide bomber Maduro about to FULLY detonate
    The "globalized" economy is based on oil.
    To get why Venezuela, one of the oil richest countries in the world, "is basically bankrupt again", start with this:
    "Venezuela first lady runs for congress; spouse's foe blocked".
    For dummies: yet another bomb by illuminati suicide bomber Maduro detonated as parallel reverse script, to have human cattle get who in this simulated reality is the good and the bad guy.
    Side note: at the end of the show, guys are replaced with women, from Taiwan to Brazil, in a parallel script to half-sisters Angela, and Hitlery, first women chancellor of Germany and president of the US.

    Maduro is an illuminazi agent transferring Venezuela's oil almost for free to his illuminati master.
    Every government of oil producing countries is executing the illuminati script of dumping oil prices, to create endless deception before the end of the show.
    In fact at this point Venezuela is one of only four countries exporting more than a million barrels a day where production costs are below $50 a barrel.

    Stage is now set for Maduro's full detonation as suicide bomber:
    "Venezuela prepares for elections, opposition could win majority" for dummies:
    Despite all previous Maduro bombs, the election still will have to be rigged to produce the scripted result.
    The theater "Venezuela vs US" is terminated by his successor, the openly pro-US "opposition".

    August 5 - Venezuela is basically bankrupt again

    August 3, 2015 - Venezuela first lady runs for congress; spouse's foe blocked

    August 4, 2015 - Venezuela prepares for elections, opposition could win majority

    For suicide bombers start with this:
    Boeing 777 downed in Ukraine's wing to be found in Reunion Island, Indian Ocean - Human cattle mocked to the utter limits.
    Two gangs of illuminazi suicide bombers in action:
    - "Putin" and the fake rebels, used to stage MH17 in July 2014 and blame it on the real rebels while pretending to blame it on Ukraine government.
    - "Netanyahu" and the rest of Israel's government, used to stage the resurrection of Obama Bin Laden with a 9/11 remake at Jerusalem, again with pixels used to simulate the "missing" Boeing 777 crashing on Temple Mount.

    Parallelism agenda ranges from supporting psy-op techniques to fulfilling the "in plain sight" commandment of the illuminati religion.
    Examples at:

    For Hitlery Clinton:
    To what lengths german illuminazis mocked americans.
    The 44th US president by the last antichrist - the real story.
    United States since 2008: What ** REALLY ** happened - read it again days after Obama's staged arrest, 2015
    Obama's full detonation, stripped "first black president" with Hillary Clinton as successor of GW Bush: from countless dedicated actors to veterans Bill Cosby and Al Sharpton.

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