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Once again you have dramatically demonstrated your lack of grasp of current social issues. A successful community protest in South Central L.A. to remove dangerous marketing techniques aimed at their children is not only socially significant, it is important, period.

As far as this not being 'news', I could post the 100 or so news links to the story but if you had any intention of educating yourself on the issue you would have done so before posting.
so to put it in more personal terms,are you part of the problem(RESISTANCE) or or part of the SOLUTION!!(acceptance)you do know the difference!?!?or at least THINK YOU DO!?!?here's a message from an email i get from the christian thinkers.goes like this........if god brought me to it.he will bring me through it!!"tuff" sell if ya ask me!!:eek: :D :rolleyes: