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    iwriter.com SCAM- Do NOT trust them or any company affiliated with Brad Callen!

    Beware of the company iwriter (www.iwriter.com) and any company affiliated with Brad Callen such as Clickbank or Niche Finder.

    I earned $6 on iwriter for writing 3 lengthy articles. Okay, that's not the issue. First issue: I was never informed that I must earn $20 before I can get the money. That was a big surprise. Second issue (my main complaint): The "rejected" articles were NOT rejected. GUYS, if you're getting rejected articles, do yourself a favor, and copy and paste part of your article into google about a week or so after it is rejected. Surprise, surprise- there is your article, stolen, plagiarized, right on the web!!!! People are making money with what you write on iwriter and they're putting it in their personal blogs with ads on it, to generate revenue. And YOU are not making anything with the "rejected" articles. I was told by one that he didn't like my work. LOL. BS. He loved it, and that's why it was stolen. TWO of my 5 articles were stolen. TWO. That is 2/5, which equates to 40%!!! Nearly half of my articles were stolen and rejected. Hmmmm... So, don't get your ego bruised when your articles are stolen and you're told the articles are not up to par. I'm sure there are instances which the article is crappy and they're rejected, yes, but check your stuff. Third issue: I spent more time investigating and getting proof of my stolen articles, than what was worth. Iwriter did not reimburse me for these articles. They're the middle man. They did not contact them and say, "Hey, you stole the articles from her." They simply ignored all of my emails!! They'll keep your rank low also so that you stay in the standard article pay. Iwriter did not track down the person on my behalf nor did they give me his/her contact info. They're dealing wtih TONS of people who plagiarize and steal personal stuff, which is MY stuff. I own the copyright to it. As soon as you write sometihng, you own it. AND... I wasn't paid for it. If i was paid for it, then the copyright would go to the person who had it. I am asking for $12.50 to be Paypaled to me immediately because I am NOT ever working for iwriter again. The ratio of rejected (aka stolen) articles to approved articles is way too high. Also their CS is horrible. Please trust me on this one. You may make some $ if you're desperate for money, after about a week of writing. But then you're feeding into the whole "let's pay writers pennies for writing great stuff!!" It's NOT worth it! There are a lot of fools like me who were thinking of making money, hard earned money that is, who didn't get paid a dime. I was told by CS to "keep writing to get to $20". LOL. Yeah, like I'm really going to waste HOURS and HOURS writing rejected articles. What are they thinking????? I literally sent 10 emails with no replies, and I thought maybe my emails weren't going through, so I sent one from a new email address, and I got a reply, but then my issues weren't addressed. They just said to keep writing. Don't trust these people. Even if you make a few bucks, you'll see, many will be rejected. Many people probably just chalk it up to "oh well, it wasn't good enough". No, check your stuff on Google. Most often, it'll be there. Iwriter is aware of it, too. They don't get enough personal info on their clients to even support the company, so now they're losing writers little by little. I will be posting this on MANY different websites as well until this is resolved and I am paid my $12.50. Then, I will delete this afterwards if I am paid. Which kind of goes against everything, but hey, if this message stays up here, then I guess you will know that I never got paid and they never made good on it. Also, if you're worried about the $5 paypal fee for sending money, then you can mail me a check. Most people aren't taking the time to check their rejected articles. This is why iwriter is getting away with this. Also, there are some people who do check, and I have seen stuff about them being a scam online. I'll be posting this to my personal blog, to consumer affairs, to BBB, and to many other websites. I am NOT letting iwriter get away with this crap and do this to innocent hard working people! This is a sign of narcissism, lack of empathy for people who worked their butt of for nothing. The owner doesn't care. If he did, his business would not be run like this. This is how the rich get richer & poor get poorer. I don't support that system, and I'll be sure to let the word out until I'm paid... and if they decide not to pay, then it'll be let known what they did online to me. And to others. I included a link below of just one of the many examples of other people scammed by iwriter.
    **Also, if anyone wants to see my proof, I'll be more than happy to share. But I have a feeling iwriter will close my account. That's okay, because I took snapshots of everything. I am also taking this to court. And no, I don't have to pay the $30 fee, so it's worth it to me to sit there in court.


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    Re: iwriter.com SCAM- Do NOT trust them or any company affiliated with Brad Callen!

    Okay I went back and tried to delete my post just now, but the site makes you contact the admins to delete. So I put an email into admin, so they'll be deleting this post shortly. In the meantime, I spoke with the owner, who said it was a misunderstanding, and that the thieves were banned from the site. He is reimbursing me the $$, thankfully.

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