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    I had grnndkids over a couple weeks ago and they were excited about going to new Minion movie the following day when it went into theaters. Well, I was curious, so I pulled up movie on my media center which has most movies before they even get into theaters, and Bingo, it was there, so I ran it for kids and in doing so, saved my daughter about $30. which is cost for cheapest movie for three kids, never mind snack costs. I had never seen the Minion movie before, so I was lost, couldn't understand half of what they were saying, never mind understand what they are suppose to be? lol Guess it is a kid thing, glad I saved my daughter the money for even the kids couldn't stay interested in it for long.

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    Minions was garbage. Same here, grandkids were begging me. So I have two grand daughters and I can never say no. I thought we were watching a Chinese movie. Jibberish. The girls liked it but barely any laughs in the audience. Goodbye $50, never see you or Minions again.

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