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    Domain Broker Scam

    Hello Everyone!

    Recently, I shut down an internet business selling designer clownfish. So I decided to sell the domain name xtremeclownfish on ebay.

    So the very same day a few hours later I receive an email to my gmail account, from a so called lawyer Jacob Ben Shimol

    His email:

    I represent an investor from Europe who would like to buy Xtremeclownfish.com for a new project.

    My client is an owner of several Internet businesses. He is a profesional investor.

    Are you still interested in selling this domain?

    If so, please reply back and we will negotiate the price and discuss the sale process.

    I have regular meetings with many major domain investors.

    If you have other names for sale, please email me the list.

    Best Regards,

    Jacob Ben Shimol


    15-A Palyam St.




    My relied:
    Hello Jacob
    If I have the domain name www.xtremeclownfish.com advertised for sale, is an indication that I'm serious in selling.

    If your client is interested in buying, the domain name xtremeclownfish.com is listed on eBay for sale. Your client can purchase via eBay.

    Thank you for contacting me
    Johnny and Migdalia Acevedo

    His reply:
    My client offers a sum in $20,000 - $40,000 range. The final offer will depend on the appraised value.

    Before we go further we need only one thing from you:

    My client is a professional investor and he buys certified domains only.

    If your domain has been certified, please email me the certificate and we will proceed with the sale. If you dont have a certificate its not a problem. I may send you a link where you can obtain it. Please dont worry. It takes 1-2 minutes to order it. The results will be sent to you within 24 hours. Then you send me the certificate via email and well proceed with the sale

    The certification includes the following:

    1. Independent valuation of the market price. It will show your domain name is not overpriced. On the other hand if the valuation comes higher we will increase the price accordingly.

    2. Trademark infringement verification. It proves your domain has no trademark problems.

    3. Verification of the owner. It proves you are a legitimate owner and your domain has no any obligations and restrictions. Im sure that you are a legitimate owner so it will be only a formality.

    As a broker Im very interested in a good valuation part of this certificate because my client pays me a commission (10-15% of the sale price) on every domain purchase. So Im not interested in a low price too.

    You can read about the certificate agency at http://archive.answers-google.org/answers/threadview/id/189852.html (Domain Broker is my nickname).

    The process is very easy:

    1. Go to the certificate agency site and order a certificate. Just submit your domains and let them know you have a buyer with $20,000 offer and need a valuation near this value. After several hours you will get the results. If the price in your certificate comes higher we will increase our offer accordingly.

    2. Then send these results via email and well proceed with the deal.

    If you are new to the certification process, I can help you with the step by step instructions.

    So I went to there site
    for testing purpose, and typed telling them that I need my domain valued at $20k because I have a buyer. after filling the information and send. I get a reply as followed: Have you received our payment instructions?

    There reply via email:
    Dear Customer,

    You have submitted your domain for the certification. We have reviewed
    your application and it has been approved.

    We will help you to certify and appraise your domain over $20,000 value.

    You can pay for the certification by credit card here:

    To avoid chargeback risks please send us a picture of your credit card
    with the following statement and your signature:
    2nd email
    Do you need help with placing the order?


    Amanda Rosenberg

    Customer Support

    They wanted $149 for the service! I'm not stupid, just wanted to share this information about Domain Brokers with no interest in buying, they just want to take your money.

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    Re: Domain Broker Scam

    New Domain Scam

    /12 Comments/in Business, Front Page /by Ron Rule
    In the last few weeks Ive been consolidating some of my web properties; organizing what Im keeping, and letting go of domains and websites that I no longer use or never set up to begin with. You see, I have this condition, digital packrat-itus its a disorder many web entrepreneurs suffer from, essentially the collecting digital holdings and information based on the false belief that youll one day have time to do something with them.
    One of the side effects of this condition is having an abnormally large domain portfolio. I wont lie, a handful of these are actually pretty good, but the majority are more of a what was I thinking when I bought that? type of situation. Many Ive held onto for as long as ten years, thinking all the while that having the time to develop them into fully functional eCommerce sites was just around the corner, but it was time to face reality and start cleaning house.
    I went through every unused domain in my account, setting the junk ones not to autorenew and listing the good ones for sale. Not long after posting the first set, I receive this email:
    From: [email protected]
    Im a broker of an investor from the United Kingdom who wants to buy your ecamping.com. My client has $429 000 budget for multiple domain names. Please specify your asking price in the subject of your message. Our company provides brokerage services for investors. They invest in web projects and domain names. Im working with many investors from USA, Canada, China, UAE etc.
    If you have other domains for sale please email them to me. I will offer them to my clients. Please let me know the best way to: IBAN/ACH/Wire transfer, Check, Western Union or Paypal. If its your first time sale I can help you with the transfer process. I look forward to doing business with you.
    Best regards,
    Helmut Rothenberger
    Domain Broker
    VP Services
    Centralbahnstrasse 16
    Phone: 061 206 09 84
    Notice any red flags there? You should.

    1. No real domain buyer reveals their budget unless its lower than your asking price for the domain. Telling me you have $429,000 to burn on domains really just tells me you dont have any money, you just want me to thinkyou do.
    2. Youre allegedly a high-end domain broker and youre emailing me from a crappy .info domain? Come on
    3. The only way you possibly could have know this domain is for sale was seeing it listed on Sedo which shows the price. So why contact me instead of just buying it through Sedo?

    So what is this scam, exactly? My initial guess is its a domain appraisal scammer. You tell them your price, they agree that its fair and reasonable but the caveat is that before they commit to buying it, they want you to present a certified appraisal from a reputable domain appraiser. Then they give you a link to 2 or 3 different ones, giving you the illusion that youre choosing the appraiser. You pay the fee for the appraisal, and then never hear from the buyer again.
    So how does this scam work? Simple they own all of the fake domain appraisers they recommended. They were never interested in your domain, they just wanted to trick you into paying them to tell you what your domain was worth.
    Just for fun, Im going to reply. Well see what they come back with. :)
    Update 12:41 PM EST

    Yep, I was right. Here was the scammers reply (this time it came from a different email,[email protected])
    3999 Ok. Great! Before we proceed my investor needs only one thing from you:
    As you may know all major domain brokers does not allow listing above $1000 or higher if you dont have an official appraisal. Since the sale price is not low in our case, my client needs an official certificate of price (appraisal). He also needs to know you have no trademark problems. It wont be a problem since I know an official appraiser that offers this option (trademark infringement verification) for free as a part of the appraisal service.
    Im also interested in a good valuation and a high sale price because my client pays me a commission (10-15% of the sale price) on every domain purchase. So Im not interested in low sales too.
    Of course, you should not use a free automated service like Estibot or similar services. My client wont accept them. I was working for Estibot and knew they were using automated scripts for free appraisals. In our case we need a real manual valuation. The appraisal will also increase the value of your domain.
    To avoid mistakes and wasting money on useless automated services I asked in the forum about reliable manual valuation/TM verification services. Please read this: http://www.archive-google.com/thread...w624791483.htm
    The process is very easy:
    1. Go to the appraisal site and order the valuation with the TM verification. Submit your domains to them and let them know you have a buyer with $X,XXX offer so you need the appraisal near this value. After several hours you will get the results.
    2. Then send these results via email and well proceed with the deal.
    If you are new to the appraisal process I can help you with a step by step instructions.
    I wonder how long I can keep the conversation going after I reply and let him know if his client has the money he says he does, surely he can cover the cost of the appraisal. More on this if I get another response :)

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