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    Legalize Polygamy and Pedophilia: Mormon church Parallel scripts for Jul 3, 2015

    One of the reasons why illuminati created the mormon religious sect was to advance the "Legalize polygamy" agenda.

    Legalize Polygamy and Pedophilia: Mormon church Parallel scripts for Jul 3, 2015
    Both "news" from the same day, Jul 3, 2015
    1. "Montana polygamist vows to fight for marriage license" = ALL actors to ensure that everyghing goes as scripted.
    The actor playing polygamist is deliberately casted not as mormon but as as 'self-styled and participant in the reality television show "Sister Wives"' as mockery of the end of the show.

    2. Mormon Church makes first donation to Utah gay youth program

    Notes - both "news" from July 3
    A self-styled Montana polygamist who was featured on the reality television show "Sister Wives" said on Thursday he will sue the state if it denies him the right to legally wed his second wife.

    Mormon Church makes first donation to Utah gay youth program

    Illuminati passing truth in plain sight packaged as "dissent":
    Is gay marriage paving the way for legal polygamy?
    Chief Justice John Roberts prompted the discussion with remarks from his dissent after the Supreme Court ruled for same-sex marriage
    “Although the majority randomly inserts the adjective 'two' in various places, it offers no reason at all why the two-person element of the core definition of marriage may be preserved while the man-woman element may not. Indeed, from the standpoint of history and tradition, a leap from opposite-sex marriage to same-sex marriage is much greater than one from a two-person union to plural unions, which have deep roots in some cultures around the world.”
    His remarks encouraged others to reconsider

    "News" to advance the agenda, one day earlier, July 2:
    Support for polygamy is rising. But it’s not the new gay marriage.

    Legalize polygamy is part of advancing other illuminati agendas, from "Destruction of the family" to "Destruction of christianity".
    Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta and the rest of the Kenya puppet gov were assigned the leading role in a number of milestones of illuminati agendas.
    2014: Kenya first christian country to legalize polygamy

    Protestantism, Mormon Church, Evolution "science" alias church, Jehovah witnesses, Scientology: Religions created by the illuminati: basic principle and organization

    Talk of gay youth and parallel scripts:
    Why "Charleston church shooting /confederate flag banned" and "gay marriage legalized" are parallel reversed scripts: HORRIBLE TRUTH
    Taiwan waterpark fire - REAL story: mass human sacrifice of young blood at a Gay Pride event by the same illuminati who legalized gay marriage the same day.

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