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    Warning! Getin2China is the alias name for Gi2C China Internship Scam...

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    I could not find the other thread about the Gi2c China internship fraud, and I just wanted to relay the information that they operate under different names and will probably use more names soon. So no matter what name a China internship company uses, if they ask for any money they are a scam. Real head hunters get paid by the companies - not you, whether it is a job or internship. I also found this below at web site for university students in Europe:

    "Is Gi2c really a scam or legitimate? Their web site looks very convincing to me.
    It depends who you ask. If you ask Gi2c staffers they insist they do nothing wrong. But these people below seem to disagree. What do you think?


    I also found this at the Gi2C Complaint Blog:

    My China Internship Nightmare

    I wanted to find work in China,
    So I went surfing on the internet you see.
    In hopes of finding a new job and life,
    When I saw the ads from Gi2c.

    Call now for free details,
    The ad beckoned to me.
    What the hell I thought,
    The call and info are both free!

    So I clicked on the chat line,
    And a friendly girl Mary attended to me.
    “You’re so lucky” she insisted,
    That I stumbled across Gi2C!

    She told great stories of others
    Who found back door jobs you see
    That are only available in China
    With companies connected with Gi2c.

    But to get my foot in their door,
    I’d have to prove myself first as an intern.
    And if I didn’t hurry, I ‘d have to stand in line,
    To wait months for my turn.

    As luck would have it she said,
    A huge MNC had only one vacancy.
    She urged me to rush her “right now”,
    My current photo and CV.

    I was so darn excited,
    I did exactly as she said,
    Then I tossed and turned-trying to sleep,
    As I thought of my great future in China ahead.

    Wow, to be working so soon in China…
    With a huge international MNC…
    This would surely be, the very best thing,
    That ever happened to me!!!

    She called me again to talk some more,
    As she read to me a great job description.
    It sounds like my dream job for sure,
    I didn’t know it would be science fiction.

    So I paid my $300 deposit – no problem,
    For me it sounded like a very good deal.
    Besides she said the deposit was “refundable”
    Not one they would ever steal.

    Then the truth started to drip out,
    When I learned the total cost…
    $3,400 more they wanted me to pay,
    My temper I completely lost!

    Then I learned that another $1,500
    I would have to pay for my air fare.
    And $1,000 more for 90 days of meals,
    Not to mention $500 for daily subway fare.

    My own apartment would cost another $1,500
    But she said not to worry one bit,
    Because I would be earning $60,000 a year,
    With the new China job I would get!

    She sent me great links of video testimonials,
    Of a dozen happy clients of Gi2c from the past.
    How the hell was I supposed to know…
    These great actors were very well cast?

    One even called me on the telephone,
    Who told me he now worked with the BBC
    For $5,000 dollars a month and only because,
    Of the great internship he got from Gi2c.

    I took the bait - hook, line and sinker,
    I sent in my $3,400 with such great hopes.
    But when I arrived in Beijing, I soon met
    More than a dozen other angry dopes.

    Within two weeks we were all mad as hell,
    Only three in our group got what was promised.
    The rest of us were just baited and switched,
    Frankly I have never been so thoroughly pissed!

    A refund I demanded, on a daily basis,
    But they just made excuses for me.
    The even suggested that I “misunderstood”
    Mary’s many promises to me.

    The company where they sent me,
    Was surely no international MNC,
    But a Chinese finance company
    That just used and exploited me.

    “Marketing Specialist” was my job they said,
    But spamming emails in English was my true role.
    I was also asked to make copies, coffee, and deliveries.
    With each day my anger was growing and taking its toll.

    After three weeks I said “Enough is Enough”
    I didn’t get an expensive Master degree for this!
    I demanded a refund and told Gi2C
    My big fat ass they could kiss!

    If I didn’t get one I would call in the cops.
    And show them this scam operation.
    That’s when the Russian boss finally said,
    Please calm down, and you’ll get my cooperation.

    Without making a scene at their office,
    I would have been screwed over for sure.
    I finally got my refund , but only because
    I threatened to make a big public stir.

    Maybe 30% of their interns are happy,
    But the other 70% surely are not.
    What we were all promised on the phone,
    Was not even close to what we got.

    So be warned my fellow uni graduates,
    Smoke and mirrors is what you’ll get at Gi2c
    They sell you a dream of a really great job,
    So please learn this costly lesson from me…

    Get a real China internship by going direct,
    To the HR department of a big International company,
    Explain what you want in your email letter and resume,
    And you will get a real internship – absolutely FREE!

    The HR officer will be truly sincere and honest,
    And hide nothing about the internship from you.
    They’ll even say if a real job will be waiting,
    If you do a good job, when the internship is through.

    I now wish you the best in your job hunt,
    As I bid all of you farewell.
    I truly regret my call to Gi2c,
    My first step in a journey through hell.

    A Former GetIn2China intern
    (My video is not featured on their website - can you guess why?)

    Note to all: Gi2c is just one of many black internships that are legal in China but they could not get away with this crap anywhere else on planet Earth.(Nigeria excepted). Google “China Internship Scams” to learn more about these companies or visit chinainternshipreviews.wordpress.com Here are some more happy customers if you think I am exaggerating: http://www.gooverseas.com/study-abro...2c-group/50333 and this is what one of their own former employees dished up on them at another forum...
    http://eslwatch.info/forum/china/117...re-people.html Even though my Gi2C experience is two years old, I vow to warn every university graduate every year as long as they keep spamming their misleading ads on all the ESL and "Work Abroad" web sites. Warn your friends
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