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    Greece: Debt *MORE* than TOTAL HOAX, it's illuminati fulfilling BLACK is WHITE

    Published Feb 2015. Added text signaled by more recent date.

    Mock and humiliate greeks agenda:
    The more Greece is robbed the more traitor Tsipras smiles.
    Same as fake identity Varoufakis, the "radical leftist" who suddenly stepped on stage: Var-you-fack-us, the greeks.
    Reminder the ultimate episode of this agenda, mocking not only greeks but human cattle all over the world:
    Global Banking collapse averted only if pensions of 1 million greek pensioners are reduced from 650 to 500 €.

    Roles of nazi agents Tsipras and "Putin"
    - main role: to transfer to illuminati central safes what they rob from disarmed citizens.
    - main psy-op role: to convince greeks that "there's no alternative to EU and euro".
    - other key roles: sell as legit the voting farce: Jan 2015 election - pro-Troika parties had in reality only 15% of votes.
    Added Jun 2015: Referendum to be yet another rigged event.

    Greece: Debt is MORE than a TOTAL HOAX:
    It's illuminati fulfilling their religion's commandment of BLACK is WHITE.
    In other words: Greece is in fact one of the states financing germans, from holidays in the 32,000 km of greek coasts to fresh vegetables in winter.
    Fake Putin's treasonous gov, supplies gas and oil BELOW production costs to their illuminazi masters while it drastically reduces pensions of russians.
    That's the main reason why germans can heat houses more than half of the year and fill their cars's fuel tanks.
    But germans drive them in toll free highways thanks to what the treasonous governments of EU states transfer to illuminati central safes.

    Dec 2010: Portugal or Greece now richer in natural resources than Germany

    Varoufakis, same as John Nash "schizophrenic Beautiful Mind, mathematician who got the Nobel Prize in Economics for creating Game Theory": yet another "beautiful mind" created to mock the human cattle.

    Fake Putin's arsenal of bombs for his suicide mission; from fake downed Boeing to real torched monastery

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    Re: Greece: Debt *MORE* than TOTAL HOAX, it's illuminati fulfilling BLACK is WHITE

    The hundreds of billions in Greek debt / loans are as real as the trillions that the chinese stock "market" lost in the last days.

    Debt hoax: fake IMF/ECB loans: D'Alemma in truth in plain sight
    D'Alemma has been playing the role of controlled opposition in key agendas for decades now.
    Best example: in 1999 he was playing for a while the only EU goverment to oppose the coming bombings of Serbia.

    Debt hoax: the fake loans:
    Illuminati agent D'Alemma fulfills illuminati religion's commandment of truth in plain sight.
    At the same time D'Alemma repeats these hoaxes
    - the numbers about the fake loans: "hundreds of billions of euros".
    - the starting point: "Germany is rich and Greece is poor" as implied in "The poor country is getting poorer, the rich country richer".
    In other words: D'Alemma diverts from the core of the hoax: the main goal of the debt hoax is not to make greeks (same for portuguese & Co) believe the billions in fake loans but to divert from the billions generated by their economy, from agriculture to tourism, transferred by the treasonous government to the illuminati central safes.

    "We gave Greece 250 billion. Euro, but not for the pensions of the Greeks, but to pay interest to the banks," ...
    "In a poor country like Greece, enormous sums are being transferred to a rich country like Germany by the difference in interest rates. The poor country is getting poorer, the rich country richer "
    "When the impoverished country can no longer pay debts therein comes the European aid. We gave Greece 250 billion. Euro, but not for the pensions of the Greeks, but to pay interest on the German, French and a small percentage in Italian banks. Two hundred and twenty billion of the Euro 250 billion assistance went directly to the German ... banks"
    "In fact, when it is said that we pay the pensions of the Greeks-this is a lie we do not, we pay the German banks. This is true. This is money making a circle, but the Greeks did not even get a wiff of the moneys smell. "

    What d'Alemma won't tell is the core lie:
    Greece: Debt *MORE* than TOTAL HOAX, it's illuminati fulfilling BLACK is WHITE

    "Markets" is nothing but a psy-op used mostly to mock human cattle.
    The remants of a market were annihilated by successive psy-ops from 1990 until 2001 ("new economy" / Dot-com bubble; price manipulation of of raw materials pushed to the limits with oil, etc).

    Global Slavery From the USA to CHINA. Start here:
    CHINA: Organ Harvesting from slaves - HORRIBLE TRUTH - what illuminati puppets are doing to chinese


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    Re: Greece: Debt *MORE* than TOTAL HOAX, it's illuminati fulfilling BLACK is WHITE

    Varoufakis alias Var-you-fak-us resigns for dummies:
    This psy-op sets the stage for these two acts:
    1. to push the humiliation and robbery of greeks to new limits, by having nazi agent Tsipras, reverse the result of the referendum (added July 11: within less than a week ).
    2. confiscation, the final stage of robbery of greeks, stripped of deposits before the rest of the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Spain).
    The rest of the human cattle will be also stripped immediately after the BIG BANG, that starts in Jerusalem with the resurection of Osama Bin Laden crucified to the missing Boeing 777 and Obama's staged arrest one or a few days later.

    YES wins at the end of the (5) day(s)
    July 11, staged as usual in similar acts of illuminati theater, in this case "Tsipras vs dissenters", as "finally reaching a result on a Friday after hours", in this case, Saturday 3 A.M. ;
    YES to The "troika's austerity plan" pushing robbery and humiliation of greeks to new limits, from more cuts in pensions to increase in retirement age to 67 and in VAT to 23% for about everything.
    It was as simple as to repackage it as "proposal by the greek government approved by 251 out of 300 votes in Parliament".

    As presented by illuminati media:
    The austerity measures Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' government is proposing are so far from his radical left Syriza party's policies that he suffered severe dissent in a late-night parliamentary debate that culminated in a 3:30 a.m. (0730 GMT) vote Saturday.
    It comes less than a week after 61 percent of voters opposed similar reforms, proposed by creditors, in a referendum. last Sunday.

    Referendum - Humiliation and Robery of Greeks pushed to new limits - Script explained immediately after it was announced

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