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    Marco quezada aka new island investment corp. Long island, ny. Serious scammer.

    warning: We are in possession of material evidence, signed contracts, and witnesses to support this complaint- with at least 3 listed business addresses in nassau county, ny. , none of you will find a real office or any employee, marco quezada, hispanic, peruvian, about 48 yrs, 5.7", acting under new island investment corp. (with zero investments, capital, or any asset) will introduce you a 'highly profitable business' by using an elaborated business plan where you would make 'hundreds of thousands' originating business loans and credit lines and taking advantage of an 'untapped business that is worth billions per year'. Quezada will present himself as a 10 years experienced financial expert that not only knows the business and its industry from a to z, but also masters all marketing hidden secrets to succeed in this arena. Moreover, he would show of about his nationwide connections and his access to countless international call centers that works for him.

    We met this individual back in fall 2014, he was seeking investors who would buy his 'exclusive business model', or a partner who would buy in in his idea and pay him a 80%-20 split profit, a $1k/week salary as director, will set for him a $25k worth call center, plus monthly fixed expenses of about other $7k plus a 10 to 5 sales force, an one private assistant. Impressed by the charts, projections and even media posts he had put together, we introduced quezada to the owners of the firm who also bought into quezada's project and decided to put him as a sort of underwriter who would place the applications we get for him, get approve them and funded. We set an top of the line office in long island city, gave him access to all office resources and hired for him 5 telemarketers, we agreed to a more reasonable split of profits, and even gave him $2k bi-weekly draws and extended a personal loan of $10k as quezada expressed being facing a little bit of a liquidity issue.

    After 3 months, near to $32k spent plus $10k in draws, an unpaid personal loan, dozens of unapproved applications, only one $3k closing resulted out of the quezada business. We lost the telemarketers who grew frustrated, we lost advertising material, web sites, special custom applications, an over $48k in losses. Quezada even left our office leaving being an unpaid parking bill. Many tries to at least recover the personal loan were made, many calls, letters, conversations, he expressed not regrets not responsibility and encouraged us to sue him should we wish as he and his corporation has nothing that a court can use as remedies.
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