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Thread: El Cid Resorts

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    El Cid Resorts

    What do you think about El Cid Resorts?

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    Re: El Cid Resorts

    In my opinion this is a nice resort, unfortunately they are liars and thieves. You have to stay away from them and their timeshare presentations, don't make the mistake to go just waiting for free stuff!!

    Be careful! I was scammed too, 2 years ago, and it's been a nightmare for me. I was reading some articles about this fraudulent resort and they really helped me to understand a few more things.

    Take a look at these, maybe you found something of help:

    Top 10 Complaints about El Cid timeshare

    El Cid Resort Timeshare Complaints & Reviews

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    Re: El Cid Resorts

    The best advice is NEVER buying a timeshare anywhere. It is a scam and the so-called timeshare you buy is sold over and over again to other people. It is very difficult to sell your timeshare now and renting isn't in the deal. It will cost you more to buy a timeshare and maintenance fee than to rent a hotel room or a full ownership of a condo. Don't do it. There is good information about another scammer: http://www.timesharescam.com/timesha...re-complaints/

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    Re: El Cid Resorts

    Wonderful experience in the Platinum club at this resort. Our butler Braulio was amazing, the rooms were beautiful, beds comfy, everything was so clean, awesome snorkeling right on the beach, great pools, good food, and bars aplenty. My review is low because I was very upset to find they have built a dolphin jail. I will never go back as long as they are exploiting these beautiful animals...

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    Re: El Cid Resorts

    Can´t believe El Cid is building a dolphin prison so their guests can now contribute to animal cruelty. I will never stay at El Cid again, the room cleanliness is horrible, their were cockroaches running around at night you could hear them. The service isn't good at all, and the custom service is horrible if you have a good problem with your room then don´t expect anyone to help you. The food is also pretty bad... All of these points I was willing to overlook based upon the friend entertainment team that really make an effort but now they our building a dolphin pen I am through with this resort.

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