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    Con Man Alert for Writers

    If there is any Indian writer here, I would want to make him/her aware that a man called "Ramesh Chander Vohra" who is the owner of a magazine based in France is a con man. I was working for him for the last 5 months and from the past one month he has not made the payment and has resorted to "abuse". I learned from other writers working for the same magazine that have also been abused and conned in a similar way a few months back. The name of the magazine is "Dil Se European Indian Diaspora Magazine". I just want to alert my writer friends that if he contacts you via any freelance writing site or anywhere via Linkedin please don't fall prey. He has conned me for a meager sum of $60 for accepted articles. I want to tell this to writers that this is not vendetta or hate. It is simple awareness to avoid writers from getting conned.

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    Re: Con Man Alert for Writers

    This is a common scam in China too where foreigners are hired to proof read and after a month of proofreading hundreds of pages, the asshole will vanish into thin air. He basically outsourced his job to you! He collects for thousands of pages and burns about ten people at a time.

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