Just runway from this company!

Their agents are Marrissa Chanin and Ron Chanin. They are real fraudsters. They even do not have a real estate license to practice real estate business in Georgia. They are full of crap and very abusive to their employees. I have harassed by Ron & Marrissa Chanin many times. Marrissa is a real whore and she is also a swinger and lesbian. You can tell that just by looking at her pictures. She is a real freak!

I used to work for them and I stayed their only for 2 weeks. This was a bizarre place to work. I even did not get paid. They gave me only $250.00 cash (under the table) and they let me go. Marrissa asked me several times to go to Swinger club with her. She is a lesbian. I said no! Since then they were mad at me. That is not the reason I went to get a job there.

What basically they do?

You may see in their website lots of bogus stuff and they are bragging about that they deal with multimillion dollars commercial real estate properties. You even see their website saying they deal with hundreds of millions of dollars. All are bogus!

People! I have an advice for all of you. Just do not call this company. Do not get involve with this company as well as Marrissa Chanin and Ron Chanin. Donít get screwed!
Marrissa Chanin and Ron Chanin both are basically a real crook and fraud! Someday they are going to be getting caught! They are just real scam artist in town!