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    BIG BANG: the most extreme inversion of illuminati scripts ever starts with staged Obama arrested

    Original text from 2013 latest updated with recent examples, May 2015.

    BIG BANG: the most extreme inversion of illuminati scripts ever.
    1. Multiracial society and open borders becomes manhunt for aliens and non-whites
    Same illuminati who propagated illuminati icons advancing "the multiracial society" and "interracial sex" now started countless psy-ops to foment the supervised race war.
    Same as with open borders for "millions of illegals become citizens" turning into "manhunt for aliens", that ends in the extermination camps.
    Reason: the illuminati used the open borders tactic to create an ethnic powder keg, and set it on fire when the time comes (order from chaos, ordo ab chao).
    Side note: it also fits the illuminazi agenda of exterminating "inferior races".

    2. Legalize drugs becomes execution of drug addicts
    Same illuminati who just started legalizing marijuana in the US will now come for the drugs consumers.
    Reason: Drugs were used as a tactical weapon to control human cattle on their decades long path to the slaughterhouse.
    But the BIG BANG also means the official proclamation of Global Slavery, a world where there's no place for human cattle on drugs.

    3. "Ultra-nationalists" become "our national heroes"
    Same illuminati who destroyed national identity of nations, from transnational entitities to citizenship for millions of aliens, will now order the human cattle to sing "Glory to our heroes".
    And because of the coming "Hitler was right" (see next inversion) these "heroes" will preferably be "ultra-nationalists", alias the traitors who were officially collaborating with Hitler.

    4. Staged democracy becomes Hitler was right
    Same illuminati who staged the hoax of "neo-nazi party members and holocaust deniers jailed" will now start officially telling that "Hitler was right".
    This inversion is only an illusion, the USA and the EU are terror states controlled by nazis dressed as democracies.

    The preview - inversions started just before the BIG BANG
    Manhunt for aliens and other sub-humans:
    - Australia: detention camps for immigrants, located in Papua-New Guinea, to allow an extermination process without any type of interferences.
    - Ukraine: president calls russian speakers sub-humans; "just for being" type of mass detentions, from dissidents to "Moscals" (russian speakers); paramilitary overtly nazi units beating and murdering people in the streets.

    Glory to our heroes:
    "Coincidentally" the larger the share of russian speakers (Ukraine, Estland) the more advanced the inversion is.
    In the Ukraine parts of the military are already using nazi symbology, Bandera and other nazi agents during World War II repainted as heroes all under the banner of "Glory to Ukraine!".

    Hitler was right - we need a nazi type of dictatorship not democracy
    Message is implicitly stated:
    1. Elections staged as mockery. Examples:
    - voting over several days, votes not counted on the spot and finally e-vote;
    - have people in 28 european states elect an "EU parliament" which doesn't legislate;
    - have Jeb Bush vs Hillary Clinton, both together supported by less than 3% of the population, close the BushClinton "royal dinasty" (Obama will be stripped).
    2. Legalize the terror state
    Passing laws to step by step strip citizens of all the rights they supposedly still had; have state forces act like Hitler's Gestapo.
    - "We are happy to be spied on" proved by bogus polls after staged leaks (psy-ops using Assange, Snowden).
    - Police shooting anyone for any reason (all headlines are psy-ops, from homeless in Alburquerque to Waco biker gang).
    3. "UN peacekeepers" new role: from a passive role during an ongoing genocide (Rwanda 1994) to actively participating in a genocide.
    Examples during the last years in Haiti, Congo, terror tactics recently upscaled in South Sudan, Central African Republic, Mali.
    4. Support for an openly nazi regime
    The destruction of Lugansk and Donetsk is based on nazi terror tactics against civilians ethnic cleansing and genocide.
    Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia after 1994 same as Hitler's invading army setting puppet regimes, from France to Greece at the start of World War II.
    The "difference" in 2014 is the implicit message "we are in the same side as Ukraine, first openly nazi regime since the III Reich".
    Side note: Ukraine's only "difference" to a nazi puppet regime during the III Reich: a farse packaged as elections is additionally staged.

    The coming manhunt for non-whites

    Setting the stage for having the audience accept the "just for being" type of genocide:
    Countless psy-ops staged with actors where the "evil ones" are scripted as "on drugs", "mentally ill", "trouble making races and religions" (gypsies, blacks; muslims).

    Drug addicts and aliens are just two of the groups to be executed in malls designed as extermination camps, starting with the BIG BANG.
    Millions to be otherwise executed by forced vaccination alias vassassination.

    Destruction of national identity included agendas such as ""replace natives by foreigners in footbal teams".
    Last Prophet's words from 2006:

    Nobody was ever jailed for denying the holocaust, it was all part of a "black is white" type of psy-op, where the agenda was to suggest that the holocaust was a lie.

    Staged democracy:
    - for decades now anyone trying to participate in the all-illuminati elections farse will be murdered as soon as he would present a danger.
    Take USA, France, UK and Germany since Abraham Lincoln 1865:
    - De Gaulle (survived several assassination attempts), John F Kennedy (murdered), Reagan (neutralized after the assassination attempt) were the only non-illuminati heads of government.
    - only three other candidates to head of state were non-illuminati: Robert F Kennedy (murdered), George McGovern and Oskar Lafontaine (both neutralized after assassination attempts).


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    Inversions will reach as far as Evolution Theory: "Out of Africa" becomes Out of Atlantis,

    Inversions will reach as far as Evolution Theory: "Out of Africa" becomes Out of Atlantis, albeit only for the "aryans".
    The woman who rewrote Atlantis: HITLER's GRANNY: revealed worldwide first by Last Prophet

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